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  1. BillCosBeaArthurmanMurman

    BillCosBeaArthurmanMurman Oakley Beginner

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    I thought I purchased my first pair of Oakleys from a ski shop in the Poconos when I was 16. They were the Mars. Legit box/coin, s/n on box, legit microfibre bag...fake Oaks. I let my want for the O get in the way of sound prepurchase product inspection. Little kid excitement leads to poor decisions. I purchased the why 3 a bit later and loved them. When they broke after 11-12 years of rough misplacements (rimless disappear when you set em down, especially since you prolly need glasses in the first place hence why you have them), I replaced them with the evade. Just lost those so I'm prolly gonna go with the ti Square Wire since I think I'll need a rx in the true digital edge range. I think I'll get the Flak or Racing Jacket soon as well. Anyway, I purchased the Tailend with Ice earlier today (I don't have my new script yet, that's why no rx glasses today). I had to grab those Tailends, tho, since they remind me of the Mars and I really needed to wash the taste of that experience out. It still hurts.
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  2. Dive

    Dive Oakley Beginner

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  3. YakuzaFloralGangsta

    YakuzaFloralGangsta R1 Ninja Premium Member Lifetime Member

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  4. OakleyGuru379

    OakleyGuru379 What is that thing?!

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    Welcome to the forum! Love the username! Have you tried Cosbitol, the only sexual performance drug recommended by Bill Cosby? Side effects may include memory loss and unwanted pregnancy. Do not take Cosbitol if you want to be conscious during sex.
  5. Dennis Panlilio

    Dennis Panlilio Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    Welcome to the Oakley Forum! :welcome: