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  1. Gunmoku

    Gunmoku Oakley Beginner

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    After years and years of just sitting there storing a couple different pairs of glasses, the foam inserts in my Metal Vault are beginning to crumble apart. Question is, what are some good foam types I could use to replace it and what's a good way I could go about doing it?

    Using upholstery foam would be a cheap way of doing it, but is there a certain foam out there MADE for display cases I could get and use for this? And should I bother using some sort of adhesive or just cut some snug-fitting foam and clean out the old stuff?
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  2. Ali

    Ali Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member

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    I don't know the details of the foam but I am selling replacement foam for all 3 sizes of vault and soon the foam that goes in the Juliet cardboard box.
    I have had a professional company copy the original foam and inam selling them on here and on ebay now.
    Message me if your interested.