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  1. Greg D

    Greg D Oakley Beginner

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    I just bought a 12 gauge and cannot synchronize the alarm time with the main time. Been through the instructions a few times and the watch alarm will not synch. Anyone?
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  2. Oakley-olic

    Oakley-olic Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    I get confused everytime I sync and have to refer to the manual. Be sure to understand that syncing (matching alarm with watch time) is with the crown out 2 clicks, setting the alarm is with the crown in. If this doesn't work I would suspect the watch is defective/not working properly. After doing this what are the results? Buttons respond?

    1. Pull the main crown out to the second click position (b).
    2. Press and hold button “B” for at least 2 seconds. (The
    minute hand on the lower sub dial will jump forward
    one minute.)
    3. Press button “B” to set the current time on the lower
    sub dial:
    Short press (less than 1 second) will advance the time
    by the minute.
    Medium press (1 to 2 seconds) will advanced the
    time by the hour.
    Long press (more than 2 seconds) will advance the
    time continuously until the button is released.
    4. Push the crown back in. (The lower sub dial will change
    to display the alarm time.) Gently turn the crown
    clockwise until it screws back into the case. Be careful
    not to over tighten the crown, as this will damage the
    To set the exact second, wait until the hand on the
    second-counting sub dial (at the right of the main dial
    face) reaches “60” before you pull out the crown to
    the second click position (b). Synchronize the alarm
    time then wait until the exact second is reached before
    pushing the crown back in.

    Oakley 12 Gauge Watch - 12gauge_zpsf8eeee15.jpg
  3. Greg D

    Greg D Oakley Beginner

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    Yes, I did exactly as explained in the instructions several times. I assume the watch is defective.