Apple iPhone X / Face ID Doesn’t Work with Oakley Sunglasses?

Have been reading multiple reports of people’s Apple iPhone X Face ID not working when they are wearing Oakley Sunglasses. Face ID replaced the fingerprint (Touch ID) on the iPhone X after they were unable to successfully integrate a fingerprint scanner into the X’s edge to edge screen. Know that Google had previously solved this on their latest Galaxy by moving the fingerprint scanner to the back.

Apparently Face ID uses an Infrared Camera which will work with some Sunglasses, but with specific pairs, particularly Polarized/Iridium Oakleys that block more IR, it can’t scan the face confidently enough to unlock. Included a quote below explaining it.

“It turns out that polarization isn’t the issue — I have a set of polarized sunglasses that work just fine with Face ID. What it is is that different lenses have a different amount of infrared filtration. Most let enough IR through that through most lenses your eyes are visible to IR even if they’re not visible to the human eye,” says Federighi. “There are some lenses whose coatings block IR. In those cases the customer can just use a passcode or take them off.”

Anybody here have the iPhone X and experienced this? Would argue it’s a nice differentiator of higher quality sunglasses!


Source for quote above: Interview: Apple’s Craig Federighi answers some burning questions about Face ID

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I have had zero issues with polarized Oakley’s so far. Been wearing original radars in black, first gen positive red, PitBoss 1 and 2 in black, carbon blades in black and x-squared in fire. All them Oakley polarized factory lenses, likewise no issue with non-polarized.

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No, that report is false.....I have the Iphone X and it works great with all I have worn. I rotate my daily wears, and many others conditional with the varying sunlight and have only had the X miss one time....m-frame w/vented gold iridium sweeps. And truth be told, I think it learned on its own because the rest of the day it was fine. Polarized or non the Iphone X should work just fine.
On a side note, I currently never leave the house without a G30, VR28, DWP, and some sort of black iridium lens in my backpack!

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No issues on 3 pairs of polarized and 2 non-polar so far. Even tried with sunnies on / eyes closed - nothing; sunnies on / eyes open - unlocked.