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The Best Baseball Sunglasses of 2022 | Top 5 Picks

Whether you’re a coach or player, having the right Baseball sunglasses means performing at your peak on the baseball diamond.  And if you’re trying to hit a home run, you definitely don’t want the sun’s glare in your eyes! 

Keep reading as our experts highlight the best baseball sunglasses of 2022! Plus everything to know before buying your perfect pair of baseball sunglasses!

What to Look for in Baseball Sunglasses? 

Before you buy your next pair of baseball shades, here are the top features you’ll want to look for: 

Lightweight Frames

Your baseball sunglasses should be tough yet lightweight. This means they can withstand missed ground balls, or a few slides into home without breaking! 

Lightweight frame materials like Oakley O Matter and Under Armour’s TR90 are made to be durable and comfortable all day! Plus they’re sweat-resistant so they won’t get damaged during long games on hot days! (But be sure to properly clean them after).

Impact Resistant Lenses

Protecting your eyes is crucial in any sports frame, and impact-resistant lenses do just that! 

Top sports lenses are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate material that doesn’t shatter when hit. And this could be the difference between playing the rest of the game or a trip to the doctor after missing a ground ball! 

Be sure to also look for lenses that feature oil, dirt, and scratch-resistant lens coatings that can prevent them from damaging over time! 

Now let’s talk about the best lens colors for baseball! 

Best Lens Colors for Baseball

Blocking sunlight is only one part of the equation when choosing a pair of baseball sunglasses. Your eyewear must also provide optical clarity that allows you to clearly see the ball! 

If your tint is too dark you won’t be able to track the baseball, but if it’s too bright you may not be able to see at all. Because of this many baseball sunglasses feature interchangeable lenses that let you swap based on your lighting conditions! 

Here are the most popular baseball lens colors: 

  • Amber/Orange: Amber and orange lenses are commonly found on baseball sunglasses because they’re great at heightening color contrast on the field. They are best for sunny days thanks to their darker tint. 
  • Blue: This popular choice is stylish and great for reducing glare on the baseball diamond. Blue lenses can also enhance color contrast and help you distinguish the ball against green grass.
  • Rose/Red: Similar to amber, this tint works well in sun and shade, and helps to contrast the white baseball against brown and green tones found on the field. 
  • Clear/Yellow: For night games, indoor practice or batting practice, clear or yellow lenses protect your eyes without being too dark.

And read more in our guide to the best baseball lens colors.

Best Baseball Lens Colors Chart

The 5 Best Baseball Sunglasses

5. Oakley Encoder

Oakley Encoder Baseball Sunglasses

Oakley Encoder sunglasses (Product Link) are cutting-edge eyewear, expertly crafted with fast-paced sports like baseball in mind. And, the unique shape of these sunglasses is designed to fit seamlessly with helmets and hats. Plus, the large shield lens will provide maximum coverage and protection from glare!

Oakley Encoder Highlights

  • Modern rimless design for optimum vision, and low temples so the eyewear fits perfectly below hats and baseball helmets
  • Extended wrap and rigidity in key areas making these sunglasses durable and comfortable
  • Available with various Prizm lenses including Prizm Field

Read more in our Oakley Encoder Review.

4. Under Armour Force 2

Under Armour Force 2 Sunglasses

Under Armour Force 2 sunglasses (Product Link) are a versatile choice for any activity, on and off the baseball field. And these frames are constructed from TR90 frame material, which is durable and very comfortable. Plus with available polarized lenses, you’ll be able to protect your eyes on the field. 

Under Armour Force 2 Highlights

  • Non-slip grip temples that will keep the glasses from falling off your face during a game
  • Smudge and water-resistant coating will prevent sweat and dirt from obscuring your vision.
  • Versatile yet casual look that makes them a great choice for on or off the field

3. Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL with Prizm Field Lenses

Oakley Flak sunglasses (Product Link) feature an intelligent dual lens shape that will protect your eyes from sunlight and dust even when you’re sliding into first base. Plus these frames are made of O Matter material so they’re durable yet flexible! 

Oakley Flak Highlights

  • Features a dual lens design with XL lenses for max coverage
  • Lightweight O Matter frame with Unobtainium nose pads for added grip and comfort
  • Available through Oakley’s authentic prescription sunglasses program

2. Nike Show X3 Elite

Nike Show X3 Elite

Featuring a shield lens for unobstructed vision and anti-fog ventilation holes built right into the frame, Nike Show X3 Elite (Product Link) eyewear is built for baseball. Plus the temples are constructed from a flexible rubber that actually molds to the shape of your face with every use. Backed by Nike, these sunglasses are specially designed with comfort and functionality in mind. 

Nike Show X3 Elite Highlights

  • Integrated ventilation holes prevent fogging lenses. 
  • The injected frame material is partially derived from castor bean oil, an environmentally-friendly material 
  • Orange Mirror, Dark Grey, and Field Tint are just a few of the lens colors available. 

1. Oakley Radar 

Oakley Radar Baseball Sunglasses

Oakley Radar (Product Link) sunglasses are one of the most popular sports frames on the market, thanks to their shield lens that provides maximum coverage. Plus these sunglasses feature Prizm lens technology including Oakley’s Prizm Field lens, specifically designed for baseball. This lens provides contrast and color enhancing built for the baseball field. And this frame is made of lightweight O Matter material with flexible temples and comfortable grips. 

Read more in our complete Oakley Radar guide

Oakley Radar Highlights

  • Available with Oakley’s Prizm Field Lens specifically built for baseball
  • Large impact-resistant shield lens to provide max coverage on the field
  • Interchangeable lenses allow you to easily change your tint based on conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Baseball Players Wear Sunglasses?

Baseball players absolutely can (and should!) wear sunglasses during a game. Sunglasses help to protect your eyes and prevent glare when you’re batting or catching the ball! 

All of the sunglasses on our list above are made with baseball in mind. And they feature lenses that will help highlight the ball, even on sunny days!

Are Polarized Lenses Good for Baseball?

Yes! Polarized lenses help reduce glare on sunny days, making it easier for baseball players to spot the ball! 

Plus Polarized lenses can help to improve clarity and reduce eye strain, especially for longer games! 

Where to Buy Baseball Sunglasses?

We’ve included links to all of the sunglasses in the list above. But you can also buy baseball sunglasses at your local sporting goods store or sunglasses retailer like SunglassHut. 

But you may be able to save big by buying online! You can often find 30-50% off new designer sunglasses through aftermarket sites like eBay or our Oakley Forum Exchange. These sites let you buy, sell and trade with other members. 

But be sure to buy from trusted members and know how to spot fake sunglasses!

Are Oakley Prizm Lenses Good for Baseball?

Oakley Prizm Lenses are a great choice for anyone playing baseball. These lenses are tuned to enhance contrast and colors on a baseball field, so you can see the ball easier.

We recommend Oakley Prizm Field Lenses, which are specifically built for baseball and softball. And Prizm Field is available in a variety of Oakley sports frames. 

Can I Buy Baseball Sunglasses with Prescription Lenses?

Yes, prescription baseball sunglasses are available through a variety of manufacturers. We’d recommend talking to your eye doctor or local eyeglasses store to understand what options they have. Just remember to bring a valid copy of your prescription

But if you already know which frame you want, you can often buy directly from the manufacturer or online outlets. These websites have the largest selection of frames and prescription lenses including baseball-specific lenses like Oakley Prizm Field. 

Want More?

Have a question about the best baseball sunglasses? Or have another favorite pair of shades? Let us know in the comments below!

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Functionally I can see issues wearing certain hats and certain frames because there's simply not enough room for both. Plus honestly a hat can take AWAY from a frame visually. But generally would say Oakleys and Nike's are the best baseball sunglasses.
Function over fashion. If it was the other way around, we'd wear some other brand that I can't name because I don't wear them.

I'm not saying fashion doesn't apply, just that there's plenty of high-fashion sunnies that don't perform as well functionally.
Eh- function to point. Luxley/Rayley has entered into the realm where their idea of fashion not only doesn't correlate with mine, it's almost the polar opposite of mine. I'm riding the coattails of some Golden Era frames but were it not for those? Honestly? I probably wouldn't wear Oakley
Function over fashion. If it was the other way around, we'd wear some other brand that I can't name because I don't wear them.

I'm not saying fashion doesn't apply, just that there's plenty of high-fashion sunnies that don't perform as well functionally.

Yeah but then we're entering into the realm of defining what is fashionable- which is completely subjective. I don't find 98 out 100 sunnies fashionable AT ALL---Oakley or otherwise (which is a switch- almost every pre 2007 Oakley model I liked, almost every post 2007 Oakley I don't like). But my tastes by many aren't considered fashionable...because they're not what most people are wearing. So do I wear Oakley for function? Yes. Would I wear Oakley if I didn't have some older frames I really like and was forced to buy some of the newer offerings? No I wouldn't actually. And with hats...I simply don't look good in them...period. So I don't wear them- so my lean is if not "fashion" at least "what I look good in"- I won't wear something that I think makes me look a way I don't want to just for it's function.