Oakley and NFL Announce Historic Partnership

Oakley becomes exclusive NFL provider of eyewear and Prizm visors after signing several major players over the past few months.

Hot off the presses of Oakley signing a deal with Patrick Mahomes, it looks like they are doubling down with the NFL. Several sources have tipped us that Oakley will announce a partnership with the NFL in the next week or so. Now we have final confirmation from Oakley that Prizm Visors will become the new standard for the NFL.

Oakley NFL Partnership
Patrick Mahomes was the first major player Oakley landed an endorsement deal, paving the way to an NFL league wide deal.

Back in January the NFL tested Oakley Prizm lens technology at the ProBowl game. The reviews came in stating “Field lines stand out, the football is more vivid, and the on-field experience is enhanced.”. Clearly the players were happy as this is a massive partnership for the NFL to enter into. Prizm lenses will now be thrust into the National spotlight further every Sunday.

The partnership will see Oakley become the exclusive provider of in game NFL Helment Shields. Additionally Oakley will launch a line of NFL branded sunglasses worn on the field and available to the public. All 32 teams will be represented in the line, with team logos etched on the sunglasses lenses, similar to the Oakley MLB line several years ago.

As stated by members in this related thread, it appears some of the first models of sunglasses available will be Holbrooks and Flak 2.0’s. This shouldn’t be too surprising as these are two of the most popular lifestyle and sport frames on the market. Sunglasses will also come with an exclusive NFL branded microfiber bag. No word on pricing yet, but we expect sunglasses to fall in line with standard colorways as these are unlikely to be limited in quantity.

Will you buying the new Oakley NFL Line?

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