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Oakley Anorak Sunglasses | Full Review & Guide

Oakley’s sports performance lineup focuses on sunglasses that can easily transition from everyday life to sports and activities. And the all-new Oakley Anorak Sunglasses firmly fits in that category.

Introduced in late 2019, the Anorak is one of the brand’s versatile hybrid sport/lifestyle frames.

Keep reading for our complete Oakley Anorak review, plus everything to know about these sunglasses!

Oakley Anorak Sunglasses Review

For this review, we got our hands on a pair of Matte Black Anorak sunglasses with Prizm Jade Iridium lenses (Product Link). And we definitely had a great time with these sunglasses that included a few surprises.

Keep reading for our full review.

Frame and Design

Starting with the Oakley Anorak design, you first notice its clean, simple lines and large rectangular lenses that provide excellent coverage. This isn’t a wrap style that extends around your eyes, which may limit its use for some athletes.

But if you’re using this pair as a dedicated sports frame you’re likely better off with an M Frame or Flak Jacket that’s truly built to be on the field.

Moving to the frame itself, the Anorak is made of Oakley’s lightweight O Matter material for superior durability and flexibility.

And while you’ll find Unobtainium Oakley nosepads for added grip when wet or sweaty, you won’t find earsocks made of the same material as you typically do on dedicated sports frames.

This is pretty common for a sports lifestyle design from Oakley and really highlights how this pair is built to balance life on and off the field.

But one of our favorite features of the Anorak is its Advancer system that we reviewed below.

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Oakley Anorak Sunglasses
Oakley Anorak sunglasses made of O Matter frame material with Prizm Jade Lenses – Photo: eBay

Advancer System

Designed to reduce fogging and keep you cool, Oakley’s Advancer system was first introduced on the Oakley Radar EV Advancer. And after its initial success, they began rolling it out to sports lifestyle frames like the Anorak.

Built into the nose bridge of the Anorak, this feature helps to instantly open airflow to stop fogging and overheating. We even noticed it seemed to help when wearing a mask with the Anorak.

You can activate the Advancer system on the Anorak with the touch of a button above the nose bridge. This lifts the frame slightly off your face while still maintaining optical alignment.

Overall this lift allows for more airflow, less fog, and better ventilation.

And when you no longer need the extra airflow, the Advancer simply clicks back into place with a push.

On the Anorak, the Advancer is integrated seamlessly into the design, allowing the frame to maintain its lifestyle look compared to other sports frames with contrasting Advancer buttons that highlight the feature.

Oakley Anorak Advancer System
The Anorak’s Advancer System (visible at the top of the nose bridge) allows for increased air flow to prevent fogging – Photo: Oakley


As we mentioned above our Anorak review pair features Prizm Jade Iridium lenses, which we had a great time with.

We’ve already covered why we love Oakley’s contrast-enhancing Prizm lens technology so we won’t go into too much detail here. But needless to say, they did not disappoint.

And while Prizm Jade is fantastic with a 14% VLT, if you’re looking for a more tame look you can buy the Anorak with Prizm Black, Prizm Grey, and Prizm Tungsten lenses.

From a protection standpoint, the Anorak’s lenses are made of impact-resistant Plutonite lens material that is tested against high velocity circumstances. Plus like all Oakleys, these lenses feature High Definition Optics (HDO) for maximum clarity while still providing UV protection.

And the Anorak is a part of Oakley’s authentic prescription lens program which we’ll cover in more detail below.

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Oakley Anorak Lenses
Oakley Anorak Prizm lenses filter out 100% of harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays and harmful Blue Light up to 400nm – Photo: eBay

Size and Dimensions

The Anorak is a men’s large frame or a women’s extra-large frame that looks best on round and oval faces. You can find the complete dimensions below:

  • Frame width: 138 mm
  • Nose Bridge: 16 mm
  • Lens height: 47.2 mm
  • Lens width: 59 mm
  • Temple length: 135 mm

For more information check out our complete Oakley Sunglasses Size guide.

Available Colorways

Currently, the Anorak is available in 4 colorways from Oakley that we’ve listed below:

  • Matte Grey Smoke / Prizm Jade
  • Polished Black / Prizm Grey
  • Matte Olive / Prizm Tungsten Polarized
  • Matte Black / Prizm Black Polarized
Oakley Anorak Colorways
The Anorak frame is available in a variety of colorways – Photo: Oakley

Final Thoughts – Our Recommendation

We definitely enjoyed wearing the Anorak thanks to its easy-going style and slim temples that provided all-day comfort.

But the Anorak may not be for everyone. Here’s why.

This frame is understated in almost every way. You won’t find the wild styling of an Over The Top or Sutro on this frame.

Instead, it’s simple, and what some people might even call generic. But let’s remember, most people still need sunglasses they can wear from the golf course to a wedding. And that’s exactly where the Oakley Anorak fits.

And with the comfortable Unobtainium nose pads and Advancer system, the Anorak still packs plenty of performance features for all of your active adventures.

Are They Worth It?

Overall, we’d recommend the Anorak for anyone wanting a simple lifestyle pair that can go from a casual social setting to light sports and activities.

And with different Prizm lenses available from Black to Jade, you can determine how much of a statement you want to make.

But if you’re looking for a pure sports frame or to make more of a statement, we’d recommend frames like the Radar, Flak, or Coinflip.

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Oakley Anorak Sunglasses Earstems
Anorak sunglasses are assembled in the USA as noted on the temples – Photo: eBay

Are Prescription Anorak Lenses Available?

Yes, you can buy the Oakley Anorak with prescription lenses through your Oakley’s website or your local eye doctor.

And this frame is available with both single vision and progressive lenses, including Prizm lens options.

For more info check out our complete Oakley Prescription Sunglasses and Glasses guide.

Are Replacement Anorak Lenses Available?

Currently, Oakley does not sell replacement lenses for the Anorak. But you can still buy them – we’ll explain.

While almost every pair of Oakleys includes changeable lenses, the brand has slowly begun selling replacement lenses for fewer frames.

But luckily you can still buy replacement lenses for the Anorak (and most other frames) through aftermarket lens suppliers. And these aftermarket lenses are usually cost half as much as original Oakley lenses. You can read more in our guide to the Best Oakley Replacement lenses.

Oakley Anorak Replacement Lenses
Replacement lenses on Oakley’s website

Where to Buy Oakley Anorak Sunglasses

You can buy the Oakley Anorak through Oakley’s site or from authorized retailers. Currently, they’ll cost you between about $150 and $200 (up to $540 with Prizm Sport progressive prescription lenses).

But if you’re looking to save you still have plenty of options.

First, you can wait for an Oakley season sale (like Black Friday), where you can find a wide range of sunglasses for 30%+ off retail prices. For more information check out our guide to Oakley’s complete sales schedule.

But if you don’t want to wait you can still save big through aftermarket sites like our Oakley Forum Exchange Areas and eBay where you can buy, sell and trade with other members.

Learn more in our guide to Never Pay Retail Again for Oakleys.

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Pretty much wired.


Oakley Expert
Not to tell you youre wrong-
They have already been released in store.

They are ok..... the advancer of course does as its made to do. Fit wise theyre a combination of the Sliver R and Sliver XL in the front. Sides are extremely thin and bc of that it sits lower than most.


Yo-Yo master
Comfortable fit, similar fit to slivers but with the advancer. Advancer is alittle overkill as it’s not much of a sport frame but I can see the reason for the advancer.


Oakley Enthusiast
These are at the Vault in the Outlets by me. Was also surprised to see the Clifdens in store as well. Still no Eyejacket redux in my stores though.


Oakley Enthusiast
The Netherlands
Not to tell you youre wrong-
They have already been released in store.

They are ok..... the advancer of course does as its made to do. Fit wise theyre a combination of the Sliver R and Sliver XL in the front. Sides are extremely thin and bc of that it sits lower than most.

I don’t have access to Oakley Vaults or Oakley stores so I can’t see any store releases but I understand your comment on this.
I can see that they are indeed a combination of the Sliver R and XL, but a bit more sports oriented than the Slivers.