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Oakley Frogskins – Complete Guide and History

Oakley Frogskins are one of Oakley’s most popular Sunglasses – this guide will break down everything you need to know about the frame and lenses before you buy!

Background and History

Oakley released the Frogskins in 1985, their first lifestyle sunglasses ever. These are also referred to as Generation 1 (or Gen 1) Frogskins as there have been plenty of releases since.

With an original price tag of around $40, and dozens of colorways, they became an instant hit for Oakley. They provided an alternative to the Rayban Wayfarer that has been around since 1956, and helped spark the eyewear revolution of the 1980’s.

A fun fact from reddit user OakFical, was that Jim Jannard actually hated the Frogskin, named after the slang term for money, and created them only to fund his other projects.

Gen 1 Frogskin Rootber (Top) vs. Current Frogskin White (Bottom)
1st Generation Frogskin Rootber (Top) vs. Current Frogskin White (Bottom)

The 1990’s led to the release of Gen 2 frogskins, which provided subtle changes to the overall frame though kept the classic design. They ultimately were discontinued in 1997.

In 2007, Oakley re-released the Frogskins in limited numbers. They have continued to iterate on the Frogskins over the last 2 decades, releasing new variations and limited/collector editions. The guide below breaks down the current Frogskins including variations, and size, frame and lens differences.

This also includes the latest iteration (which some consider to be Gen 4) that expanded the connection between the arm and orbital.

Current Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses

Frame Design and Size

Oakley Frogskins are made with an O Matter frame. As a lifestyle frame you won’t find any Unobtanium on the frame unlike many Oakley sports designs. This O matter frame ultimately makes them easy to clean and wipe down if dirty or sweaty.

The Frogskins feature a rounded lens full frame design. Despite the full frame design, the lenses can be swapped and replace by applying pressure to the corners.

Oakley Staple x Frogskins Sunglasses
Oakley Staple x Frogskins Sunglasses

The current generation Frogskins dimensions are 130mm wide, with 134mm long arms/temples and 45mm frame height.

Current Model Variations

As mentioned above, in the current release, Oakley has created several variations of the Frogskin. We’ll cover each one, what sets them apart and their size. Finally we’ll provide a side by side size comparison.

There have also been discontinued variations such as the Frogskins LX, but since we’re focusing on current models, we won’t deep dive on those.

Frogskins Mix

Similar to the Holbrook Mix, the Frogskins Mix combines O Matter and Metal in the frame. The lens / front portion of the frame is made of O Matter plastic, while the temples are made of stainless steel with Unobtanium grips.

The Frogskins Mix features a 130mm frame width, 139mm temple length and 44mm height.

Oakley Frogskin Mix (front) with Oakley Holbrooks (back)
Frogskin Mix (front) with Oakley Holbrooks (back)

Frogskins Lite

The Frogskins Lite, is the first Frogskin with a half rim design, similar to the Flak Jacket or Half Jacket. With an entire frame composed of O Matter, the Frogskins Lite is the only variation which includes an Unobtanium nose grip.

Overall, the Frogskins Lite appears to be a a sport take on this classic lifestyle frame. The Frogskins Lite features a 132mm frame width, 138mm temple length and 49mm height.

Oakley Frogskins Lite Sunglasses
Oakley Frogskins Lite Sunglasses

Frogskins XS

As you may have guess from the “XS”, the Frogskins XS is a smaller version of the frame. The frame is entirely composed of O Matter with no Unobtanium or other features. If you’re looking for a youth or kids Frogskins or just have a smaller head, you’ll want to look at the XS.

The Frogskins XS features a 125mm frame width, 133mm temple length, and a 42mm height.

Frogskin XS Sunglasses with Violet Iridium Lenses and Clear Frame
Frogskin XS Sunglasses with Violet Iridium Lenses and Clear Frame

Collectors Edition Frogskins

While not a variation per se, it is important to mention the Collectors and Limited Edition Frogskins. The rarity and designs of many of these Frogskins propelled the frame to it’s cult like status. From Petterson Frogskins which featured 50 individually unique / one of one frames to the Supreme Frogskins, these sunglasses have made impressions.

The frames are the same dimensions as standard Frogskins.

Supreme x Oakley Frogskins
Supreme x Oakley Frogskins

We won’t cover all the collector editions here (or we’d be here A WHILE)! But if you’re interested in more be sure to check out our Frogskins Discussion area and the several lists members have posted.

Frogskins Lite vs. Mix vs. XS vs. Original Comparison

Now that we’ve covered the current variations of the Frogskins, we’ll break down the comparison. The table below provides a quick reference guide of size differences and unique features of each pair.

Overall, there is no one best pair here, though purists will likely trend towards the original Frogskins.

 FrogskinsFrogskins MixFrogskins LiteFrogskins XSFrogskins Collectors Edition
Temple / Earstem Length134mm139mm138mm133mm134mm
Frame Height 45mm44mm49mm42mm45mm
Frame Width 130mm130mm132mm125mm130mm
Lens Width54mm54mm62mm52mm54mm
Unique FeatureN/AStainless Steel Earstems with Unobtanium gripsSemi-Rimless Design with Unobtanium nose gripSmaller design for Kids/Youth or smaller headsLimited Production / Colorway / Collaboration

Oakley Frogskins Lenses

Oakley Frogskins feature Standard, Polarized and the latest Prizm lens options. The frame is also available through Oakley’s Custom Program where you can choose your frame and lens color independently.

Additionally, Frogskins lenses can be replaced. There are a number of replacement lens options from both Oakley and aftermarket suppliers available. The Frame uses a friction fit that requires pressure in the outside corners to push out the lens. Once you get the hang of it, it gets to be quite easy.

Frogskins Sky Blue w/ Sapphire Iridium Lenses
Frogskins Sky Blue w/ Sapphire Iridium Lenses

Prescription Lens Options

If your eyesight isn’t so perfect, you’re in luck. Prescription Frogskins lenses are available through Oakley directly or your local eye doctor. We won’t go into too many details here as we already covered the process in our Oakley Prescription lens guide.

Where to Buy Frogskins

If you’re looking to purchase a pair of Frogskins your first stop is like Oakley.com or Sunglasshut. But don’t be fooled by retail prices, if you’re looking to save there are options.

Online, our Frogskins Exchange allows you to post buy, sell and trade as for any pair of frogskins you want! If you’re looking for rare, discontinued or just discounted Frogskins you’ll want to start here. Your other online option will include eBay, but be careful, the Frogskins are one of the most faked pairs of Oakley’s on the market. Be sure to read out guide on how to spot fakes, and proceed at your own risk!

If you prefer to shop in store, you’ll want to check out the Oakley Vault – Oakley’s discount outlet. It’s not uncommon to find Frogskins at Vault locations, though your selection of colors will likely be limited to less desired variations.

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