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Oakley Low Bridge Fit (Asian Fit) vs. Standard – Differences Explained

Learn what Oakley Low Bridge Fit is, how they compare to standard frames and why it’s all Science!

What is Oakley Low Bridge (Asian) Fit?

You may have seen Oakley Low Bridge fit (Previously known as Asian or Asia Fit) on the Oakley website and wondered what exactly it is? Well, it’s actually not that complicated:

Oakley Low Bridge Fit versions of sunglasses are adapted to be more comfortable for people with high cheekbones, a flatter nose, and a shorter distance between the nose and ears.

These traits are commonly found in Asian people versus other races, hence the previous name for these sunglasses – Asian Fit. However in an effort to be more inclusive Oakley recently renamed this style to Low Bridge fit.

Keep reading as we break down exactly how Oakley Low Bridge Fit compares to Standard fit and the frame-specific differences!

Asia vs. Asian Fit vs. Low Bridge Fit – Which is Right?

Originally, Oakley used the term “Asia Fit” and Not “Asian Fit”, but it was commonly referred to as Asian Fit amongst wearers.

According to Wade Cleveland, the firm’s eyewear business unit manager, Oakley has received several complaints about the moniker Asian fit, primarily via customer letters. “A long time ago we tried to use the term ‘alternative fit,’ and that turned out to be worse,” he says.

Now it seems the company has reversed course and officially renamed this style to “Low Bridge” fit across their lineup. You’ll no longer find any references to Asian fit on Oakley’s website.

Oakley Low Bridge Fit vs. Standard Fit Sunglasses

Oakley Low Bridge fit compared to Standard fit will vary from frame to frame (more on that below). But generally Low Bridge fit will modify one or many parts of your sunglasses including:

  • Larger Nose Pads – Low Bridge fit nosepads are longer and larger than the standard parts. This provides additional surface area and grip for sitting on a flatter nose.
  • Increased Earstem Wrap / Curve– Some Low Bridge fit earstems may be longer and/or feature an increased frame wrap or curve to better grip your face (we’ve highlighted these pairs below)
  • Shorter Lenses – To accommodate higher cheekbones, some Low Bridge fit Oakleys feature shorter lenses compared to the standard frame
  • Different Colorways / Lens Colors – While not directly related to fit, there are several Low Bridge Fit frames that feature unique colorways or lens tints. Ruben Suarez suggests that the lighter lens colors of Low Bridge Fit appear because, in Asia, it’s disrespectful to not be able to see one’s eyes

Keep reading as we review the top frame-specific differences between Oakley Low Bridge Fit and Standard Fit models.

Low Bridge Fit Oakley Sunglasses
Low Bridge Fit Oakley Frogskins – Photo: Oakley

Which Frames Have Exclusive Differences?

As we mentioned above Low Bridge fit differences vary from frame to frame. This means some of the older Low Bridge Fit styles actually have a different frame geometry, so beware when swapping lenses without checking! If the frame angles are slightly different, they’ll likely need different lenses due to the XYZ optics positioning.

Low Bridge fit Oakleys will typically just have different sized nosepieces, but it does vary from model to model. After 2005, Oakley released different size sports nosepieces for Low Bridge fit as well.

Low Bridge Fit Oakleys With Exclusive Differences (besides Nosepieces)

Some pairs of Low Bridge Fit Oakleys have differences beyond the standard larger nosepiece, these pairs include:

Standard Grap (right) vs. Oakley Asian Fit (left)
Standard Grap (right) vs. Oakley Low Bridge Fit (left)

Low Bridge Fit Oakleys With Larger Nosepiece(s)

Unlike the pairs above, many Oakley frames are the same across Standard and Low Bridge fit with just a larger nosepiece being the only difference. We’ve highlighted these frames below:

What frames are the Best Fits For Asian Faces?

Good: Big Square Wire, Crosshair, Half Jacket, Dartboard, Mainlink (with Triggerman Low Bridge nosepieces), Minute, Monster dog, (Pro) M-frame, Racing Jacket, Juliet, Penny Straight Jacket (It’s good for a wide head), Twenty (XX), Unknown (Asia Fit), and Warden

Bad: Frogskins (normal), Gascan, Mars, Plate, Riddle (Asia Fit) Teaspoon, most Wires pairs like the Wire Tap 2.0 and C Wire

Editors Note: This post has been adapted from Asia Fit / Low Bridge Fit Guru and Member Cacatman’s original post here.

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Premium Member
Nice! Most pairs work for me with just the larger nose piece. I think the only frame that I ever needed Asia Fit was the Splice and Jupiter Squared when I did have one. Damn my small nose bridge


Oakley Collector
Premium Member
Badman asia fit have a different frame geometry than non asia fit. Lenses are not interchangeable.


Oakley Collector
Premium Member
It is also worth noting some people do not mind their frame touching their cheekbones while others do.
What about C6 and pitboss1 as far as frame geometry for asia fit?