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Oakley Medusa Goggles and Helmet – The Ultimate Guide

We review everything to know about the insane Oakley Medusa Goggles and Helmet including where you can find one!

History and Background

The Medusa is one of the most insane designs Oakley has made in its 40+ year history. It consists of two distinct pieces—a helmet and goggles. But it’s not your everyday helmet for biking or skiing, it’s something…else.

Introduced in 2002, the Medusa Helmet, made of leather and costing a hefty $500, looks an awful lot like something you would see at Burning Man.

Oakley was well aware that the Medusa would not appeal to most customers, but they wanted to stretch their experimental wings.

Pictures do exist of two single-piece prototypes of the Medusa, one rumored to be worn by Oakley founder Jim Jannard. But it’s safe to assume that they are locked up somewhere snug by now.

Oakley Medusa Goggles and Helmet
Oakley Medusa Goggles and Helmet – Photo by Mr. Magoo

The Medusa googles gained additional fame when worn by the lead singer of the band “Tool” during their 2002 tour.

The goggles sold separately for $250. Making the combo retail for $750, a hefty price even today.

The Medusa was introduced and discontinued long before Oakley’s 2014 “Disruptive By Design” advertising campaign, but certainly fit the bill.

It isn’t entirely clear when the set was discontinued but both pieces were around to purchase new until at least 2008.

Oakley Medusa Helmet and Goggles Review

Frame and Design

The Medusa helmet is made of dark brown leather with pale stitched detailing. There are long, thick leather pieces of “hair” tied with visible stitching to the back of the helmet, hence, one has to assume, the name Medusa.

The “hair” is often referred to as dreadlocks but more closely resembles tubes.

The Medusa helmet was available in two sizes, a Small / Medium and a Large / Extra Large. This allows different head sizes to still find a set that fits appropriately similar to a hat or other head covering.

Oakley Medusa Helmet from Back
Oakley Medusa Helmet from Back – Photo by Serturbo

The helmet covers the ears and has a double O ring buckle beneath the chin. The goggles snap onto the top and sides of the helmet. The goggles are bug-eyed with heavy, round, oversized leather framing with the same stitched detail as the helmet.

The metal Oakley icon is on the center forehead of the helmet. The pair came in two sizes, small/medium and large/extra-large. There’s quite a bit of padding in the helmet and it’s supposedly rather comfortable to wear.

An awesome Oakley Medusa Review by Dann over on the O-Review Channel


Medusa goggles don’t seem to have been designed with clarity of vision as a top priority. The lenses are black, iridium coated and set far apart. There is no wrap, so peripheral vision is limited. But obviously, this isn’t exactly your daily wear pair.

The original lenses were made of Oakley Plutonite, so are highly impact resistant and offer UVA/UVB/UVC protection.

Ready-made replacement lenses are not available on the broader market but several members have opted to custom cut their own.

Oakley Medusa Top View and Closeup of Lens
Oakley Medusa Top View and Closeup of Lens – Photo by Mr. Magoo

Where to Buy Medusa Helmet and Goggles?

The Medusa helmet and goggles are pure collector’s items now. The helmets are more common than the goggles, and to find a pair for sale you’ll need to look on aftermarket exchanges. Your top options are the Oakley Forum Exchange area here or sites like eBay.

Be extra careful when shopping for either the Medusa helmet or goggles. They’re generally selling for $1,800 to well over $4,500. And with such high prices, there are going to be scams and fakes out there. Be sure you know how to spot fake Oakleys and do your homework before buying!

Oakley Medusa Helmet Original Packaging
Oakley Medusa Helmet Original Packaging – Photo by Mr. Magoo
Oakley Medusa Goggles Packaging
Medusa Goggles Packaging – Photo by Mr. Magoo

Final Thoughts

The Medusa may be discontinued but it is far from forgotten. Oakley even still sells a t-shirt with an image of the helmet and goggles on the back. The Medusa is iconic and a collector’s item.

Whatever apocalyptic daydreamer designed the set, tapped into a future rife with dystopian imagery.

Enthusiastic collectors love the Mad Max vibe and pure Oakley imagination that went into the design of both helmet and goggles.

They aren’t practical in any way, but that’s why we love them.

But if someone did want to go to Burning Man and did want to bring an Oakley classic, the Medusa would fit right in.

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Oakley Beginner
Just to add to the information above, I recently found out that there were roughly 1000 goggles made, and roughly 500 helmets made. This information was given to me by one of the local Oakley Store Managers who remembered hearing that during team meetings!