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Oakley Over The Top – The Coolest Sunglasses Ever Made

Oakley Over The Top sunglasses are one of the most iconic and disruptive designs in the history of the eyewear industry. With their bold, modern styling and innovative features, these shades quickly gained a cult following. Today, Oakley Over The Top sunglasses remain one of the most collectible and sought-after Oakley models and continue to set the bar for disruptive innovation in the world of fashion accessories.

Keep reading as we explain how the Oakley Over The Top Sunglasses Revolutionized the industry with one of the most disruptive designs and why they are more popular than ever!

Over The Top History and Background

At the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Oakley took the stage at the Men’s 4×100 Semi-Final Track and Field event.

Sprinter Ato Boldon walked onto the world stage, debuting the Oakley Over The Top (OTT) Sunglasses, and immediately turned heads.

While Boldon ultimately lost the race, the Oakley OTT became infamous for its over the head sunglasses design.

Oakley OTT Olympic Debut – Video Courtesy of Track&Field Fan

Oakley released the Over The Top that same year, retailing for $185, and since then, this disruptive design has remained a cult classic. But the public perception of the OTT was mixed.

By pop culture standards, it did not fit in. However, during Oakley’s Mad Scientist Era, this was standard for Oakley.

When asked about the inspiration for the OTT, Oakley Founder Jim Jannard stated: “We were on an island and discarded everything we knew. This is what we came up with.”

Over The Top Goggles
Over The Top Goggles Matte Black- Photo: eBay

Fresh off the Olympics, Oakley continued the high-profile collaborations for the OTT with the movie Blade II. Featuring Wesley Snipes, Oakley released a special edition Blade II Matte Black OTT that has become a collector favorite over the years.

In the film, the vampires seen wearing the OTT sport a modified version of the frame specifically made for the move. However, the core design is still similar. Plus, you can spot Wesley Snipes wearing a pair of Oakley Fours throughout the film.

The Over The Top was produced between 2000 and 2004, though the exact amount created during the initial run is unknown.

2020 Re-release of the OTT

In August 2020, Oakley re-released the Over The Top as a part of the “Concept Studio” collection in conjunction with the Olympic games in Tokyo. And sticking with an Olympic theme, these limited-run OTTs were available in a Gold Fade / Prizm 24K Gold Iridium Polarized colorway.

Made from the original molds, the 2020 OTT does include some updates, such as contrast-enhancing Prizm Lenses.

Only 20 were produced, and of course, sold out instantly, even with the high price tag of $2,000!

Over The Top Sunglasses Review

Frame and Design

The OTT frame features a design that ignores the idea of classic sunglasses ear stems and instead supports itself by wrapping over the top of the wearer’s head. And this is how the name “Over The Top” was born.

And its design isn’t just for looks. These over-the-head sunglasses are designed to eliminate pressure points and any bounce traditionally found in sunglasses while running.

Plus, while you might guess that OTTs are made out of metal, they are actually comprised of O Matter – the same nylon-infused plastic material you can find on Oakley Gascans. This makes these sunglasses incredibly lightweight, durable, and easy to wear.

The metal appearance is actually the color of the frame, named FMJ+ or Full Metal Jacket. This also means that the OTT is not considered a part of the Oakley X-Metal family.

FMJ+ Over The Top – Photo: Throwbackchampion


Over The Top lenses are a unique, almost completely circular design. And despite the full frame that wraps around the lenses, they can actually be replaced if you’re brave enough.

The original lenses were available in Iridium options but never with polarized lenses. Of course, the OTT was also way before the time of contrast-enhancing Prizm lenses. The lenses themselves are made of injection-molded polycarbonate lenses, which Oakley calls Plutonite. These lenses are designed to provide impact resistance and superior clarity.

The Over The Top was never offered with prescription lenses either, though there are some aftermarket suppliers, in addition to members who have cut their own.

Oakley Blade II Edition Matte Black / Ruby Iridium OTT Sunglasses
Oakley Blade II Edition Matte Black / Ruby Iridium OTT Sunglasses – Photo: Funky-Trixtar

Original Colorways

Not including the 2020 Re-release mentioned above, the OTT was originally produced in 6 colorways listed below:

  • FMJ+ / Fire Iridium
  • FMJ+ / Emerald Iridium
  • FMJ+ / Black Iridium
  • FMJ 5.56 / Ice Iridium
  • Matte Black – Blade II / Ruby Iridium
  • Matte Black / Ruby Iridium
Oakley FMJ+ / Emerald Iridium Over The Top Sunglasses
Oakley FMJ+ Chrome / Emerald Iridium Over The Top Sunglasses – Photo: Throwbackchampion

How to replace OTT Lenses?

As we mentioned above, it is actually possible to replace your Over The Top lenses. However, you should proceed with caution since many of our members reported scratching the frame/lenses in the process.

Should you still decide to proceed, the process is fairly easy. We’ve highlighted 3 key steps below:

  1. Firmly grip your OTT around the lens, don’t worry about smudging your lenses – this is bound to happen
  2. Apply gentle but firm pressure while pushing the lens outward (similar to other O-matter frames)
  3. Finally, reverse the process with the new lens, pushing inward to snap the lens into place
OTT with Deep Ruby Replacement Lenses
OTT with Deep Ruby Replacement Lenses – Photo: ThrowbackChampion

Where Can You Buy an OTT?

Even though the OTT is no longer being produced or sold by Oakley, you can still find them for sale. And no, we’re not just talking about the $2,000 re-release.

You can still find Over The Tops for sale on aftermarket exchanges like our X-Metal Exchange areas here.

However, make sure you’re sitting down before looking at prices. OTTs can often trade for multiples of the original prices mentioned above due to their popularity among collectors.

For more tips, be sure to also check out our guide to buying rare and discontinued Oakleys.

Final Thoughts

There’s no reason to sugarcoat it – We love Oakley OTT sunglasses.

This is a pair that truly embodies the ideas of disruptive design that Oakley was founded on. While Oakley may have adapted and changed over the years, the OTT is still a reminder of those glory days.

And this is exactly why collectors can’t get enough of the OTT. Yes, it’s wild, but it’s our wild! While the re-release was a welcomed teaser, we’d love to see Oakley truly re-launch an affordable OTT to the masses.

Are you an OTT Fan? Or looking to add one to your collection? Join the largest online Oakley community and let us know in the threads below.

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