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Oakley Prizm Lenses – The Complete Guide

Learn what Oakley PRIZM lenses are, how they’re different and whether you need them in your sunglasses!

What is Oakley Prizm? What are the benefits?

Oakley Prizm™ is an Oakley lens technology designed to enhance color and contrast, allowing you to see more details. Oakley released the Prizm lens in 2015, initially targeting sport-specific markets but later designed them for everyday life too!

The primary benefits of Prizm technology are:

  1. Enhanced Color – Realistic color spectrum compared to standard lenses
  2. Increased Contrast – Increased detail perception and contrast differences in high-light environments
  3. Optimized Clarity and more detail – Fine-tuned lens tints to perfectly contrast natural environments found in specific sports and activities

Now let’s dig into these lenses a bit more.

Oakley Prizm Road Lens Comparison
Oakley Prizm lenses highlight features in your surrounding environment, but not many people know how this technology actually works.

How does Oakley Prizm work?

According to Oakley, Prizm technology was developed over 15 years before hitting the market. During this time, they studied how the human eye perceives light in natural conditions.

Eventually, they leveraged hyper-spectral imaging, a method used by satellites that helps analyze light in real-world environments. This hyperspectral camera allows engineers to see the patterns and wavelengths of the spectral light peaks that exist in natural conditions and environments.

Oakley focused on isolating these conditions and corresponding spectrum peaks to specific environments, then recreating the hues with lens dyes specifically tailored to match.

These absorption peaks represent the colors commonly found in various environments, such as white in snow conditions and brown or green on trails.

By focusing on these peaks, Oakley can tune lens colors to help to boost the “good” light and filter out the “bad” light. For example, in snow conditions, Oakley highlights specific blue and orange hues to highlight the natural terrain.

How does Oakley Prizm Lenses Work
Hyperspectral imaging breaks down the colors of an object to help engineers understand how the eye perceives them. Source: Condi Food

What is the difference between Oakley Prizm and Iridium?

Iridium is the coating used by Oakley to give lenses a “mirrored” appearance. On the other hand, Prizm is a new lens technology that provides a completely different experience.

The best part?

You can have both! In our guide below, you’ll notice lenses that feature both technologies, offering enhanced contrast with a mirrored finish that hides your eyes.

Oakley Iridium Lenses on Flak 2.0 XL
Oakley sunglasses with iridium lenses demonstrating the “mirrored” finish on a pair of Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses

Prizm Sport vs. Prizm Everyday? What’s the difference?

Prizm Sport is focused on sport-specific lenses to enhance performance on the field, while Prizm Everyday lenses are built for life off the field. But both lenses offer enhanced contrast, color, and detail compared to traditional lenses!

Prizm Sport lenses are engineered to enhance color vividness and increase contrast for specific sports. For example, Prizm Road is designed to highlight and enhance the contrast of the road you are cycling on. With enhanced contrast, athletes can better see cracks, divots, and other obstacles in their environments.

Prizm Everyday lenses are engineered to enhance color and detail in your everyday activities like walking and driving. For example, the Prizm Daily Polarized is designed to highlight your environment and increase detail, so you can better see the world around you.

Oakley Prizm Everyday Lens Comparison
Comparison of natural environment vs. Oakley Prizm Everyday Lenses (Right)

Are Oakley Prizm Lenses Polarized?

Yes, Oakley Prizm Polarized lenses are available, but not all are! When buying Prizm lenses, the model name will include “Polarized” if the lens features Polarization.

If you look at the lens listing at the bottom of our guide, you’ll notice that many sport-specific pairs don’t offer Polarized lenses. This is because the performance of Prizm technology, specifically contrast and depth perception, is degraded by Polarized filtering.

But, this doesn’t mean your eyes aren’t protected. Prizm lenses still offer 100% UVA and UVB protection to stop harmful rays!

Find out which lens is right for you in our Prizm vs. Polarized lenses guide.

Now let’s find out which Prizm lens is right for you.

Oakley Sunglasses lineup from Oakley.com
A Preview of Oakley’s Polarized Prizm frames from their website.

What’s sports are Prizm lenses designed for?


Prizm Field: Accentuates the blue of the sky to enhance the contrast of a fly ball and better gauge ball speed. This is the best Oakley Prizm baseball lens today. Learn more in our Oakley Prizm Field review.

Prizm Baseball Infield: Gives an infielder the ability to see the greens and reds, which allow the ball to stand out more against the grass and dirt. Unfortunately, this lens is now discontinued, but you may still find it in some stores.

Prizm Baseball Outfield: Enhances the sky colors to better contrast fly balls in the outfield. Unfortunately, this lens is now discontinued, but you may still find it in some stores.

Cycling / Running

Prizm Road: Enhances vision in both bright light and shadows, helping riders spot changes in the texture of road surfaces. This lens Improves vision in both bright light and shadows. As a result, traffic lights become more vibrant, and white and yellow lines are more clearly differentiated. And blues and greens are enhanced for a more pleasant ride. See how this lens works in our Oakley Prizm Road review.

Prizm Trail: Perfect for trail running, hiking, and mountain biking because it enhances the colors on the trails and the light conditions under and out of shadows. You will be able to see and react faster to the creases and patches of sand, roots, rocks, and other obstacles that are crucial to avoid. This lens enhances reds and browns and vividly represents plants and foliage colors. See how they compare in our Prizm Road vs. Trail review.

Fishing and Shooting

Prizm Shallow Water Polarized: Helps keep white colors bright so you can spot the flash of fish on the surface or in shallow water. This lens boosts green and copper hues that define hiding spots. And it maintains bright whites so you can easily spot the fish and flies on the surfaces of the water. Plus, it helps define the shadows of the fish.

Prizm Deep Water Polarized: Filter out the shades of blue that overwhelm your vision on open water. These deep water lenses filter out specific shades of blue that crowd your vision on the open water so you can see below the surface in deep water conditions. In addition, this lens strengthens red and green colors to give you a better view of the activity below the surface. See how these lenses work in our Prizm Shallow Water vs. Deep Water review.

Prizm Maritime: Built with open water operations in mind, this Standard Issue lens enhances contrast on the open water to highlight objects, hazards, and other boats. Plus, it reduces glare so you can see farther into the distance. See how they work in our Oakley Prizm Maritime Open Water review.

Prizm TR22: This Prizm shooting lens tunes light to maximize contrast so you can see targets, contours, and details. TR22 is best suited for brighter light conditions, with 22% light transmission. Plus, this lens still offers complete UV protection.


Prizm Gaming: Designed for enhanced color contrast, sharper vision, and harmful blue light filtering when staring at screens. This lens specifically focuses on protecting your eyes during e-gaming and similar activities. You can read our full review of Prizm Gaming Lenses here.


Prizm Golf: Improves contrast for better separation of color and gives you more depth cues to gauge distance and grass conditions.

Prizm Dark Golf: A Darker version of the Golf lens with a rose base color for more defined details in brighter conditions

Read more in our complete Oakley Prizm Golf Review here.

Are Prizm lenses available for Oakley Goggles?

Yes, Oakley specifically designed Prizm Snow for winter conditions and Prizm MX for dirt conditions. These lenses are available across Oakley’s lineup of snow, and motocross goggles, including Youth, Standard, and Low Bridge fits.

Prizm Snow lenses are designed to enhance contrast and allow you to see the sticks, bumps, and terrain shifts in snow that other goggles won’t catch. These lenses also boost optics in low-light environments such as dawn/dusk snow.

Read more in our complete Oakley Prizm Snow Lens guide.

Prizm MX lenses are designed to give you the edge in motocross by spotting the dips and dives of the terrain ahead of the competition. Optimized for dirt conditions, this lens enhances contrast so you can see subtle changes in terrain with the finest details highlighted.

Oakley Prizm Snow Lenses Comparison
Comparison of the natural environment (Left) vs. Oakley Prizm Snow Lenses (Right)

Are Prescription Prizm lenses available?

Yes, you can buy Oakley Prizm prescription lenses directly through Oakley’s website or at your optometrist.

To buy, you’ll need a valid prescription with a base curve. Plus, we’d recommend knowing what sport or activity you’ll mainly use your prescription sunglasses for to narrow the search.

Check out our complete guide to Oakley prescription glasses for more information.

Oakley prescription sunglasses and glasses ordering
Oakley Prescription ordering process

Oakley Prizm Lens Chart

See below for the Prizm Lens Guide broken out by Sunglasses and Goggles.

Oakley Prizm Lens Chart and Listing

Oakley Prizm Lens Chart
Lens ColorSport / ActivityLight TransmissionPolarized AvailableIridium Available
24KCycling, Mountain Bike, Training11%YesNo
BlackAll Sports11%YesYes
Brown GradientEveryday14%NoNo
Daily PolarizedEveryday, Changing Conditions14%YesNo
Dark GolfGolf22%NoNo
Deep Water PolarizedFishing, Boating12%YesNo
FieldBaseball, Football, Cricket, Training20%NoNo
GamingE-Sports / Gaming91%NoNo
Grey GradientEveryday15%NoNo
Low LightEveryday, Low Light75%NoNo
RoadCycling, Driving, Running, Training20%NoNo
Road BlackCycling, Driving, Running, Training11%NoNo
Road JadeCycling, Driving, Running, Training15%NoNo
Rose GoldEveryday13%YesNo
Shallow Water PolarizedFishing, Hiking, Training15%YesNo
TrailMountain Biking, Running, Hiking, Training36%NoNo
Trail TorchMountain Biking, Running, Hiking, Training35%NoNo
Shooting TR22Shooting22%NoNo
Shooting TR45Shooting45%NoNo

Oakley Prizm Goggles Lens Chart and Listing

Oakley Prizm Snow Lens Chart Comparison
Lens ColorConditionsLight TransmissionPolarized AvailableIridium Available
MX Black IridiumBright Light5.50%NoYes
MX BronzeOvercast40%NoNo
MX Jade IridiumPartly Cloudy34%NoYes
MX Low LightLow Light76%NoNo
MX SapphirePartly Cloudly33%NoNo
MX Torch IridiumPartly Cloudy40%NoNo
MX Trail TorchPartly Cloudy35%NoYes
Snow BlackBright Sun5.50%NoYes
Snow ClearSnow & Overcast64%NoNo
Snow Dark GreyBright Sun11%NoNo
Snow GarnetSun & Clouds19%NoNo
Snow Hi Pink IridiumSnow & Overcast46%NoYes
Snow Jade IridiumSun & Clouds13%NoYes
Snow PersimmonSnow & Overcast39%NoNo
Snow RoseSnow & Overcast26%NoNo
Snow Rose Gold IridiumSun & Clouds13%NoYes
Snow Sage Gold IridiumSun & Clouds14%NoYes
Snow Sapphire IridiumSun & Clouds13%NoYes
Snow Torch IridiumSun & Clouds17%NoYes

The Best Oakley Prizm Sunglasses

Today, there are over 230 Oakley Prizm sunglasses available featuring Prizm and Prizm Polarized lenses.

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite Prizm eyewear and linked our reviews of them so you can choose the best frame:

Our Review – Are Prizm Lenses Worth It?

Short answer – Yes. Longer answer – a bigger yes! Since their creation, we’ve tried a lot of Prizm lenses, and now with their introduction as the standard Oakley lens, it’s only increased.

Without a doubt, versatility is at the heart of Prizm technology, which is why it’s become the standard Oakley lens. The first thing you’ll notice when you slip on a pair of sunglasses featuring Oakley Prizm lenses is just how much more vivid the world around you becomes.

Prizm’s innovative design manipulates light to enhance the colors you see, ensuring that every hue you encounter on your journey is amplified beyond belief. Earthy greens become velvety carpets, bright blues transform into crystalline waterways, and fiery reds metamorphose into radiant sunsets. 

But the magic of Prizm lenses doesn’t stop at boosting color alone. As you find yourself navigating differing light scenarios, the ingenious design elements of these lenses comes out. Prizm lenses can fine-tune vision for specific environments, significantly enhancing contrast and visibility. For instance, Prizm Snow Rose lenses for snowy environments heighten contrasts, spotlight details that would usually be missed in snowy terrain. 

Where to Buy Prizm Lenses?

You can buy Oakley Prizm lenses directly from Oakley and authorized retailers. And unfortunately, since Oakley owns Prizm, you won’t find any aftermarket lens manufacturers offering this technology.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t save.

Oakley Prizm Sapphire Lenses on Radar Sunglasses
Oakley Prizm Sapphire Lenses on Radar Sunglasses

You can save 30-50% off new Prizm lenses and sunglasses during Oakley seasonal sales. These sales typically are every other month or so. Check out our Oakley sales calendar to find out when the next sale is.

And if you don’t want to wait for a sale, you can save by buying through aftermarket sites like our Oakley Forum Exchange, where you can buy, sell and trade with other members.

Want More?

Still looking for more information on Oakley Lenses? Check out our complete guide to Oakley Lenses and Tints.

So will you be getting a pair of Prizm sunglasses or goggles? Or do you already have a pair? Join the largest online Oakley community and let us know in the comments below!

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Awesome post...! Your prizm trail is listed at a 20% LT... I believe it's 36%.
In the above list you have Prizm Daily Polarized listed that Polarized is not available, which i would think is a typo but honestly i'm slightly confused about the Prizm Daily Polarized because it doesn't actually have the P etched on the lens. But from what i can tell it is definitely a Polarized lens.
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In the above list you have Prizm Daily Polarized listed that Polarized is not available, which i would think is a typo but honestly i'm slightly confused about the Prizm Daily Polarized because it doesn't actually have the P etched on the lens. But from what i can tell it is definitely a Polarized lens.

The etched P is relatively a new thing. In the early days of Prizm they didn’t etch the P
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