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Oakley Prizm Maritime Lens | Open Water Review

Oakley Prizm lenses revolutionized eyewear with their contrast-enhancing technology and sport-specific options. But it wasn’t until US Special Operations personnel asked Oakley to create a boating lens that they finally got around to it. Finally, they created the Oakley Prizm Maritime lens. Keep reading for our complete Oakley Prizm Maritime review and why this may be our favorite water lens!

Oakley Prizm Maritime Lens Review
The Oakley Prizm Maritime Lens is made for the open water with the military and law enforcement in mind – Photo: Oakley SI

What is Oakley PRIZM Maritime Polarized?

Oakley Prizm Maritime Polarized is a boating-specific lens designed to enhance contrast and color against blue waters and skies. If you’re used to the blues of the ocean blending into blue skies, this lens is your solution. The lens itself enhances green and red colors while filtering out the blue that overwhelms you on the water. Plus this lens is also polarized by default for maximum clarity and protection. Prizm Maritime was actually requested by US Special Operations who wanted a lens for the open water! Keep reading for the key benefits highlighted below:

Prizm Maritime Benefits

  • Reduce glare on the water even on the sunniest days with Prizm Polarized lenses
  • Enhance contrast to highlight objects, hazards, and other boats
  • Improve clarity between blue water and blue skies for enhanced vision and reduced eye strain
  • 14% Visual Light Transmission (VLT)
  • 100% Filtering of UVA, UVB and UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm

Our Review – Are they worth it?

We reviewed a pair of Prizm Maritime Polarized lenses in Oakley Shocktube sunglasses and were blown away. Oakley already has Prizm Shallow Water and Deep Water (more to come on those below), but those are fishing-specific lenses. Prior to this lens, there was never a boating or open water-specific lens. The most noticeable difference with Prizm maritime lenses is the glare reduction. On a sunny day, we were able to look out on open water and clearly see buoys a mile off without any distortion.

Overall if you’re a boater, member of the Navy, Coast Guard, or other open water operations personnel, these are definitely worth your time! Keep reading for our comparison of all the Oakley water lenses and where you can buy Prizm Maritime.

Prizm Maritime vs. Shallow Water vs. Deep Water – What’s the difference?

Currently, along with Prizm Maritime lenses, Oakley also offers Prizm Shallow and Deep Water lenses. These lenses are built for fishing so they’ll mainly help you spot fish and objects under the water surface. Compare this to Prizm Maritimes focus on helping you see clearly objects and vessels clearly on the water. All 3 lenses do however focus on enhancing contrast and reducing glare.

If you’re looking for boating glasses Prizm Maritime is your best option, followed by Prizm Deep Water, and finally Prizm Shallow Water.

Check out the table and image below comparing all three lenses:

 Prizm MaritimePrizm Deep WaterPrizm Shallow Water
Lens PurposeBoatingDeep Water FishingCreek / Fly Fishing
BenefitsEnhance contrast to highlight objects/hazards on the waterHighlight fish and terrain below dark waterHighlight terrain below the water
Light Transmission14%12%15%
Base ColorRoseRoseRose
Polarized OptionsYesYesYes
Iridium OptionsYesYesYes
Oakley Prizm Maritime vs. Deep Water Comparison
No Lens (left) vs. Prizm Deep Water (center) vs. Prizm Maritime (right) comparison

Top PRIZM Maritime Sunglasses

Oakley Prizm Maritime Polarized is currently available in a variety of frames. We’ve highlighted our top picks for the best Oakley Prizm Maritime sunglasses below:

1. Splitshot

Oakley Split Shot Prizm Maritime Sunglasses
Oakley Split Shot sunglasses feature an attached leash to keep them from failing into the water – Photo: Oakley SI

The Oakley Splitshot (Product Link) is one of our favorite frames for boating and fishing. Its O Matter frame makes it lightweight and durable. Plus the Splitshot is designed to be hat compatible and includes an attached leash so your glasses don’t go overboard. And with Prizm Maritime Polarized lenses, the Splitshot easily takes our top spot. Check out our full Oakley Splitshot Review for more!

Splitshot Highlights

  • O Matter frame for all day wear plus hat compatible design
  • Included leash (similar to Croakies) for keeping your sunglasses out of the water
  • Water resistant eyewear case with attachment clips for easy storage

2. Speed Jacket

Oakley Speed Jacket Boating Sunglasses
The Oakley Speed Jacket is built with law enforcement in mind with comms compatibility – Photo: Oakley SI

With its half lens design, the Oakley Speed Jacket (Product Link) is built with law enforcement in mind. This includes the thin Speed Jacket earstems that are compatible with over-ear communication systems. Plus this frame includes Switchlock technology (similar to the Jawbone) for rapid lens changes to adapt to your environment.

Speed Jacket Highlights

  • Lightweight O Matter frame with Switchlock technology for fast lens changing
  • Over the ear communication system compatibility with ear stem design
  • Unobtanium nosepad for added grip when wet or sweaty

3. Gascan

Oakley Gascan Prizm Maritime Polarized Sunglasses
Oakley Gascan sunglasses with Prizm Maritime Polarized lenses offer a casual design – Photo: Oakley SI

If you’re looking for a pair that can go from on the water to off, the Oakley Gascan (Product Link) is perfect. This lifestyle frame is one of Oakley’s most popular sunglasses and with good reason! Its classic square lens design looks good on heads of all shapes and sizes. Plus its O Matter frame makes it extremely comfortable for all-day wear. Also, be sure to check out our complete Oakley Gascan Review for more information!

Gascan Highlights

  • Lightweight O Matter frame that’s comfortable all day
  • Laid back lifestyle design that can be worn in any setting
  • Three-Point fit holds your sunglasses exactly where you want them on your face without slipping
Prizm Maritime Straightlink Sunglasses
The Straightlink frame provides a full rim design made of O Matter material – Photo: Oakley SI

The Straightlink sunglasses (Product Link) feature a durable full-rimmed design made of O Matter material. This is an easy design that’s similar to some of the most popular fishing and boating sunglasses on the market! And this frame has an 8 base lens curvature for maximum peripheral vision coverage!

Straightlink Highlights

  • Maximum peripheral vision coverage with Prizm Maritime Polarized lens
  • Unobtanium earsocks and nosepads for maximum grip even when wet or sweaty
  • Great frame for Medium to Large faces with its easy-going design

5. Drop Point

Oakley Drop Point with Prizm Maritime Lenses
Oakley Drop Point sunglasses work great on or off the boat with their performance lifestyle design – Photo: Oakley SI

The Drop Point sunglasses (Product Link) are another great frame that can work on or off the boat. With its O Matter frame and large wrap, these sunglasses offer a comfortable fit with maximum peripheral vision. While you don’t have the boating-specific innovations from the Splitshot (our top pick), this is still a great frame that features Prizm Maritime lenses.

Drop Point Highlights

  • Unobtanium nosepad for added grip when wet or sweaty
  • Performance lifestyle frame with a full rim classic design that works on or off the water
  • Large 8.75 base curve wrap for maximum peripheral vision coverage

What other Prizm Maritime Sunglasses are available?

Currently, Prizm Maritime lenses are also available in the below frames:

Where to Buy PRIZM Maritime?

Currently, Prizm Maritime sunglasses and lenses are only available through the Oakley Standard Issue Program. This means you’ll need to qualify for the program by being a government employee, military, or first responder (see complete criteria here).

But if you don’t qualify for Oakley SI, you’re not out of luck. With only a few searches we were able to find Prizm Maritime sunglasses on several aftermarket websites including our Oakley Forum Exchange, eBay, and others. For more information on these sites be sure to read our guide to Never Paying Retail Again for Oakleys!

Are you a fan of Prizm Maritime? Or have a question? Join the largest online Oakley community and let us know in the thread below!

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Oakley Enthusiast
626, SGV, CA
Hi everyone, I was just searching and noticed that no one has written much about the Maritime Prizm. I see a couple of members own it, but has anyone reviewed this new Prizm tint that is currently now only on SI?

And has anyone compared it Prizm H20 Shallow and Deep yet?

I would be interested in a Prizm Maritime or Deep H20 Racing Jacket lens for water sports like jet skiing or sea kayaking, or just wearing to the beach. I know Racing Jackets are getting phased out, but does anyone know if there will be Prizm water lenses for Racing Jackets coming out?


Oakley Collector
Hotlanta, GA
The shallow H20.seems to have more a purple base ( almost like a Jade and violet iridium) the Maritime is more of a sapphire and jade base to me. I've notified most of the Prizm lenses you can see you're eyes through but the maritime is the first one you really can't. I have the maritime Chainlink and I really like them.


Lover of Juliet
Premium Member
The shallow H20.seems to have more a purple base ( almost like a Jade and violet iridium) the Maritime is more of a sapphire and jade base to me. I've notified most of the Prizm lenses you can see you're eyes through but the maritime is the first one you really can't. I have the maritime Chainlink and I really like them.
Nice one - do you have some pics? They always look different in real life to the promotional shots!


Oakley Collector
Hotlanta, GA

Here some pics of the maritime prizms. Tried to get them in natural light but it's cloudy here today.