Oakley PRIZM Snow Lenses | The Complete Guide

Oakley Prizm snow lenses take your skiing and snowboarding to an all-new level thanks to next-generation technology. We cover everything you need to know about these lenses, including a side-by-side comparison of every color! Plus, the top Oakley goggles with Prizm lenses.

What are Prizm Lenses?

Let’s start with the basics.

First introduced in 2015, Oakley Prizm Lenses are designed to provide increased contrast, clarity, and visibility for max performance.

Over the last few years, Oakley has continued to release new innovative Prizm lenses designed for every condition. Today, you’ll find Prizm lenses in almost every Oakley goggle and pair of sunglasses today!

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Oakley Prizm Snow Lens Technology

Prizm Snow technology takes everything we already love about Prizm lenses and tunes it specifically for snow.

Plus, Oakley offers different lens colors tuned for various mountain conditions and different brightnesses (more on those in a bit).

This means you’ll easily be able to spot changes in terrain, sticks, or other hazards when hitting the slopes. Check out the video below to see this in action:

Check out the complete list of features below.

Key Features

  • Identify Terrain – Improved visibility to easily spot icy, packed, and powder surfaces
  • Detect Snow Contours – Enhanced contrast to identify different textures, obstacles, and hazards in the snow
  • Ready for All Conditions – Available in multiple lens colors for a variety of weather and snow conditions from dark to bright light and more

Keep reading as we compare all of the Prizm Snow lenses below.

Oakley Prizm Snow Lenses

Black Iridium

Prizm Snow Black Iridium Flight Deck

Prizm Snow Black Iridium is the darkest Oakley lens available, with a light transmission of only 5.5%. And thanks to this lower VLT, this lens is perfect for bright sunny days on the slopes.

And as you probably guessed, this lens has a greyish/black appearance on the outside, which means it looks good with just about any outfit. If you’re a fan of the original Prizm Black Iridium, you’ll like this lens just as much.

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Dark Grey

Prizm Snow Dark Grey Lens

Prizm Snow Dark Grey is the second darkest snow goggle lens offered by Oakley. With an 11% VLT, this lens provides a dark tint perfect for sunny days skiing or snowboarding.

And with its Rose base color, this lens provides a warm red tint that carries through to its appearance since it doesn’t feature an Iridium coating.

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Jade Iridium

Prizm Snow Jade Lens

Built on the awesome Prizm Jade lens, Snow Jade only gets better! For an all-around skiing and snowboarding lens, Jade Iridium still provides plenty of tint at 13% VLT.

But thanks to its Rose base color and Jade green tint, this lens still works great for cloudy days.

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Sapphire Iridium

Prizm Snow Sapphire Goggles Lens

Prizm Snow Sapphire Iridium builds on the already popular Sapphire Prizm lens. And with a 13% VLT, this lens works great for sunny, partly cloudy, and cloudy mountain days.

But don’t be fooled by the blue appearance of this lens. Snow Sapphire Iridium still shares the same warm rose base color as the other Snow Prizm lenses. This means you’ll see a bright warm environment around you despite the lens’s appearance.

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Prizm Rose Gold Iridium

Introduced in the 2022 season, Prizm Rose Gold offers a 13% VLT with a bronze base color. Despite its pink tint, these lenses still provide superior light blocking! The color of this lens is pink with orange undertones, but not as much as the non-snow version of Prizm Rose Gold. While the color is similar to Oakley Hi-Pink, Rose Gold is significantly darker, with a 13% light transmission compared to 46% in Hi-Pink.

Sage Gold Iridium

Oakley’s Snow Prizm Sage Gold Iridium lens brings a unique green and yellow color lens with a 14% VLT. The bronze base tint provides a neutral contrast against the mountain while protecting against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. If you’re a fan of green lenses but don’t want the too bright appearance of Jade, Sage Gold is right for you.

Torch Iridium

Prizm Snow Torch Iridium

Snow Torch Iridium is built for a mix of bright and cloudy conditions with its 17% VLT. And the rose base color combined with the red tint helps to provide a warm appearance to your environment.

We also can’t ignore how great and aggressive Snow Torch’s bright red lens tint looks from the outside. And this is definitely a lens that will get some looks on the mountain!

Snow Garnet

Prizm Snow Garnet is built for sun and clouds with a 19% VLT and a rose base tint. While this lens is commonly mixed up with Prizm Snow Rose (see below), these are two distinct lenses. Both lenses may have similar deep red colored lenses, but Snow Garnet is darker than Rose. Unfortunately, similar to Snow Rose, this lens doesn’t feature an Iridium coating.


Prizm Snow Rose Lens

Prizm Snow Rose is a fantastic lens for cloudy, overcast, or snow conditions on the mountain. With its red color, rose base color, and 26% tint, this lens is perfect for those darker days.

If you’re looking for a less aggressive red-colored lens than Prizm Snow Torch mentioned earlier, Rose is likely for you.

But it is important to know that Prizm Snow Rose doesn’t have an Iridium coating. This means the lens doesn’t have a mirrored effect, and other skiers will likely be able to see your eyes.

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Flight Deck XL Persimmon Snow Lens

Prizm Snow Persimmon provides maximum contrast and clarity in cloudy and snow conditions thanks to its bright orange base color and 39% VLT.

If you’re looking to turn up the brightness, this lens is right for you since it’s the only Prizm snow lens that doesn’t use a Rose base tint.

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Hi Pink Iridium

Hi Pink Flight Deck XM Prizm Snow Lens

With 46% tint, Prizm Hi-Pink Iridium is one of the best low-light snow lenses currently offered by Oakley. This makes it perfect for cloudy and overcast days on the mountain.

And despite its low tint, Snow Hi-Pink still features an Iridium coating to provide a mirrored effect. But from our experience with the lens, other riders may still be able to see your eyes, depending on the lighting conditions.

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Oakley Prizm Snow Clear Lens

If you’re looking for more protection than tint, Prizm Snow Clear provides just that. But with a 64% VLT, it still provides increased clarity and protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

Because of the minimum tint in this lens, Snow Clear is best for very dark, snowy, or overcast conditions.

Oakley Prizm Snow Lens Comparison Chart

The table below provides a quick comparison of Prizm Snow Lens colors side-by-side. And keep reading for our recommendation on the best Prizm snow lens.

Prizm Snow Lens ColorColorLight ConditionsVisual Light Transmission (VLT)Iridium
Black IridiumPrizm Snow Black Iridium Flight DeckBright Sun5.5%Yes
Dark GreyPrizm Snow Dark Grey LensBright Sun11%No
Jade IridiumPrizm Snow Jade LensSun & Clouds13%Yes
Sapphire IridiumPrizm Snow Sapphire Goggles LensSun & Clouds13%Yes
Rose Gold IridiumSnow Rose Gold Iridium LensSun & Clouds13%Yes
Sage Gold IridiumSage Gold IridiumSun & Clouds14%Yes
Torch IridiumPrizm Snow Torch IridiumSun & Clouds17%Yes
GarnetPrizm Snow Garnet LensSun & Clouds19%No
RosePrizm Snow Rose LensSnow & Overcast26%No
PersimmonFlight Deck XL Persimmon Snow LensSnow & Overcast39%No
Hi Pink IridiumHi Pink Flight Deck XM Prizm Snow LensSnow & Overcast46%Yes
ClearPrizm Snow Clear LensSnow & Overcast64%No
Oakley Prizm Snow Lens Chart Comparison

Which Prizm Snow Lens is Best For You? Our Recommendation

While it depends on your conditions and preferences, we’d recommend Prizm Snow Torch, Jade Iridium, or Sapphire Iridium for most riders.

These three lenses provide the most coverage in various conditions and can easily be worn on bright sunny days and snowy conditions.

But if you’re looking for maximum performance, the real answer is interchanging lenses.

Most modern Oakley goggles allow you to swap lenses to adapt to your environment. And this is your best option for optimizing your visibility in every condition! For more, check out our guide to the best lens colors for skiing and snowboarding.

Best Oakley Prizm Snow Goggles

Now that you’ve learned about Prizm Snow lenses, it’s time to pick out your goggles. We’ve rounded up the top Oakley snow goggles that feature Prizm snow lenses below.

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Flight Deck

Oakley Flight Deck Goggles with Prizm Jade Lens

Offering a mid-size fit, the Oakley Flight Deck XM (Product Link) is inspired by fighter pilot helmets – and it shows! The Flight Deck provides maximum coverage and visibility with a rimless design and large lens shape. And with Oakley Ridgelock Technology, you can easily swap lenses on the fly.

Flight Deck Features

  • Frameless styling inspired by fighter jets for a clean, cool look
  • Medium-size frame with a large lens to maximize your field of view
  • Features Oakley Ridgelock technology for fast and easy interchangeable lenses on the mountain

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Flight Tracker

Oakley Flight Tracker Prizm Goggles

The Oakley Flight Tracker (Product Link) features a classic oversized design with a full-rim frame. If you’re a fan of the classic ski goggle but want the latest innovation, this is it! Plus, the Flight Tracker is available in small, medium, and large sizes!

Flight Tracker Features

  • Oversized full-rim toric design with an optimized field of view
  • Available in 33 size and color combinations with Prizm lens technology
  • Durable O matter frame with the ability to replace lenses for every snow condition

Line Miner

Oakley Line Miner XM Goggles

Oakley Line Miner goggles (Product Link) provide maximum peripheral vision. With a mid-sized fit, these goggles pull in close to your face to maximize your field of vision. Plus, they’re available in a variety of Prizm lens colors.

Line Miner Highlights

  • Close-fitting face foam for a secure fit that provides maximum peripheral vision
  • Wide 4mm adjustable strap for all-day comfort
  • Discreet frame notches provide compatibility with most prescription eyewear

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Where to Buy Prizm Snow Lenses and Goggles?

You can buy all of Oakley’s Prizm Snow lenses and goggles directly through their website or an authorized retailer. If you want to try them on before buying, your best bet is a local ski or snow store.

But if you’re looking to save, you may want to wait a second.

You can often find 20% off or more goggles and replacement snow lenses during seasonal sales.

Wondering when the next Oakley sale is? Check out our complete guide to Oakley’s sales calendar. Plus, be sure to also check out our full guide to Never Pay Retail Again for Oakleys.

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Excellent rundown of the lens choices, along with goggle info.

I’ve been using the Flightdeck for years. It offers a great field of vision.

Prizm Torch and Prizm Sapphire are my go to lenses. They can’t be beat.

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