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Oakley Replacement Parts – The Ultimate Guide to Buying

We review your best options for buying Oakley replacement parts for your sunglasses and how you can save!

What Oakley replacement parts are available?

Whether you’re looking to replace a broken part or just customize your Oakleys, you’ll need replacement parts. In this guide, we’re talking specifically about non-lenses, since we already covered Oakley replacement lenses in our guide here. Generally, aftermarket Oakley parts boil down to the below categories:

  • Arms– The actual arms (also called earstems, legs, or temples) themselves of your sunglasses which depending on the model can be replaced
  • Earsocks – The rubber or Unobtanium pieces that are attached to sunglasses temples for added comfort
  • Nosepads – The rubber or Unobtanium pads that attach to the frame where your nose sits when wearing for added comfort
  • Icons – The Oakley icons on the side of the frame (Such as on pairs like the Batwolf)

Depending on the pair, there may be more or less replaceable parts, but these categories are generally what you’ll find. You also may be covered by your Oakley Warranty though it’s not as extensive these days.

Oakley Glasses Parts
Disassembled Oakley Juliet Sunglasses with various parts exposed

Authentic vs. Aftermarket Replacement Parts

Before we talk about where you can buy replacement Oakley parts, it’s important to discuss authentic and aftermarket parts. When we say “Authentic parts” we mean parts actually produced and sold by Oakley. They may be directly sold as a part by Oakley or they may have been stripped from a pair of sunglasses and sold as a part.

In comparison when we say “Aftermarket parts” we’re referring to parts produced by an aftermarket manufacturer specifically made to replicate the original part.

For most people, Aftermarket vs. Original parts won’t matter as you’ll want to fix or customize Oakleys for the cheapest amount. But if you’re a collector or restoring a valuable pair like Juliets authentic parts may matter to you. Keep reading as we review where to find the best Oakley glasses parts.

What about parts for prescription Oakley glasses?

Generally, for replacement parts on prescription Oakley glasses, your best bet is to either reach out to your ophthalmologist directly or call Oakley customer service. Many times your ophthalmologist can help with a more standard part like a loose screw on an Oakley Airdrop, but a call to Oakley may be required for missing or replacement rubbers or arms.

Where can you buy Oakley replacement parts?

Now that we’ve got the basics down, we’ll dive into where you can find and buy Oakley replacement parts for your sunglasses. We’re breaking down the most common websites and retailers for aftermarket parts and the pros/cons of each. Plus what parts you can find at each retailer and a side-by-side comparison!


First up is the obvious answer – Oakley. Chances are you may have already checked Oakley’s website in your search for replacement parts. The biggest advantage to Oakley is that you’ve received authentic and original parts direct from the source. However, the selection can be limited and flux over time. Currently, on their site, we only see temples for the Crosslink and only two sets of nosepads available.

However, it has long been known that the Oakley Customer Service team may have additional parts available. The Oakley Headquarters is also known for being able to repair glasses that no one else can.


  • Authentic Oakley Parts direct from the source
  • Guaranteed to fit your sunglasses
  • Offers Earsocks, Temples, Icons and Nosepads
  • Additional parts may be available when calling customer service directly


  • Limited selection of parts available that often changes
  • Typically only parts available for current models
  • Parts can often be expensive compared to aftermarket retailers

Oakley Forum Exchange Areas

The Exchange areas here on Oakley Forum made our list because of the ability to buy both aftermarket and authentic parts. You’ll often find members selling spare parts for rare and discontinued Oakleys such as X-Metals or Eyeshade sunglasses. You can register for free. Be sure to read the forum rules and do your due diligence as all deals are done peer to peer between members.


  • Authentic Oakley parts available
  • Aftermarket Oakley parts available
  • Parts are often sold at reasonable or discounted rates
  • Can find parts for rare, old and discontinued Oakleys


  • Members must meet the forum rules and minimum criteria to use the exchange areas


The largest auction site, eBay is also a great place to find both authentic and aftermarket replacement Oakley parts. While you can find authentic parts, many can be expensive depending on the seller. Typically you’ll get a better price if you can find a true auction listing instead of a Buy It Now. This is because many sellers or collectors will list parts for high prices as Buy It Now to see if anyone is willing to bite.

On the aftermarket parts, many are sold directly from the retailers we’ve listed below typically for about the same price. In general, for aftermarket parts, you’ll usually be better off going directly to the supplier.


  • Authentic Oakley parts available
  • Aftermarket Oakley parts available
  • Can find parts for rare, old and discontinued Oakleys


  • Parts can be expensive / over priced because of Buy it Now listings

Linegear Japan

Linegear Japan is best known for their high-quality Oakley X-Metal parts, which are often difficult to find. However, they also offer parts for many discontinued Oakleys such as the Pit Boss, Splice, and others. Linegear is also a Forum Sponsor here on Oakley Forum so you can interact directly with the company if you have any questions here.


  • Aftermarket Oakley parts, screwdrivers, orbitals etc. available
  • High/Collector quality parts for X-Metals, and other discontinued/rare Oakleys
  • Great customer service and rapid responses to questions


  • Prices can be expensive depending on the part ($40+ for lenses) but are balanced by the high quality parts for rare/discontinued Oakleys

Seek Optics

We reviewed Seek Optics lenses in our full post here but they also offer a variety of rubber earsocks and nose pads for a variety of frames. Most of the frames supported are the most popular Oakleys like the Radar and Flak Jacket. But where Seek really sticks out is price. You can find most replacement parts and lenses for under $10. Not even including sales or promos from their site!


  • Aftermarket Oakley rubbers available
  • Variety of popular Oakley frames supported
  • Affordable prices across replacement parts starting at under $10


  • Few discontinued/rare Oakley replacement parts available
Oakley Replacement Part Kit
Oakley Replacement Part Kit for Rubber Earstems and Nosepads in Red

Galaxy Lenses

Galaxy Lenses offers replacement Oakley parts such as rubber earsocks and nosepads for a variety of frames including X-Metals like the Penny and sports frames like the Jawbreaker. You may notice they sell some rubbers as compatible for several frames. This isn’t uncommon. But you’ll still want to do your homework to make sure you get the right fit. No one wants rubber earsocks falling off of their sunglasses!


  • Aftermarket Oakley parts available
  • Variety of Oakley frames supported including some discontinued/rare models
  • Affordable prices across replacement parts starting at $10


  • Parts are sold to fit multiple frames so you’ll want to check they are the right measurements/fit correctly

Revant Optics

Revant has a limited amount of replacement rubbers and screws/screwdrivers available on their website. This isn’t too surprising as they’re primarily a lens company and the parts seem to be a bit of an afterthought for them. Generally, their earstems/nosepad kits seem to retail around $12 which is pretty middle of the road.


  • Aftermarket Oakley rubber parts and screws available


  • Limited selection of frames supported
  • Price is average compared to other retailers (Approx. $12)

Side by Side Comparison

Check out our full side-by-side comparison of the best Oakley parts suppliers below:

 OakleyOakley Forum ExchangeeBayLinegear JapanSeek OpticsGalaxy LensesRevant Optics
Arms/MiscYesYesYesYes (Screws/Orbitals etc.)NoNoYes (Screwdrivers and screws)
Current / Discontinued OakleysCurrentBothBothDiscontinuedBothBothBoth
Average Price$15+VariesVaries$8+$11+$10+$12+

Wondering about another retailer or website not listed here? Join the largest online Oakley community and ask in the thread below!

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Oakley Beginner

The best source I’ve found for current or recent production frames is Oakley after sales support. You can buy real rubber parts and whatnot just by entering in the model number (OOxxxx) on the frame and it’ll pull up what’s available and even a diagram of which part is which.

Prices are very reasonable. Often cheaper than fake parts on eBay or Amazon. For example, for my EVzero frames, they have nose rubbers in regular and Asian for $2.50 each, nose pieces for $2.50 each, and ear socks for $10 a pair. They also had parts for all my RX frames.

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