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Oakley Ruby Iridium vs. Fire Iridium Lenses – What’s the difference?

Despite the common mix-up, Oakley Ruby Iridium and Fire Iridium are very different lenses! We’ll explain the differences so you can buy the right one!

Following our post comparing Ice and Blue Iridium, it was definitely time to compare Oakley Fire Iridium and Ruby Iridium lenses. Both lenses are found in current Oakley models and in Oakley’s Custom Program. We’ll break down each lens so you can determine which is right for you!

Fire Iridium Overview

Oakley Fire Iridium has been included in hundreds of frames – from X-Metals of the 90’s to modern O Matter frames. Fire iridium has an amber base tint with a 16% light transmission designed for medium to bright light.

Overall, fire iridium provides an overall orange flame tint. When you think of the orange glow of fire, this is the lens.

Fire Iridium lenses in Oakley Romeo frame
Fire Iridium lenses in Oakley Romeo frame

Ruby Iridium Overview

While slightly less popular, Oakley Ruby Iridium lenses are found in 100+ Oakley frames from X-Metals to Frogskins to Wires. Providing a darker, more red-ish tint, Ruby Iridium has a grey base tint that allows only 14% of light. Similar to Fire Iridium, this lens is designed to perform in medium to bright light conditions

Oakley has also since released a Prizm Ruby variation of this lens, optimized for enhanced contrast.

Ruby Iridium lenses in Oakley Frogskins
Ruby Iridium lenses in Oakley Frogskins

Ruby Iridium vs. Fire Iridium – What’s the difference?

Now that you’re familiar with both lenses – Which is better? Obviously this will come down to personal preference. Ruby Iridium will provide an overall darker lens, and deeper red appearance versus the fire iridium orange appearance. Either way you can’t go wrong as both are fantastic everyday lenses.

If you’re looking for prescription lenses, you’re in luck, both lenses are available through Oakley’s prescription program or your local ophthalmologist.

So are you choosing Fire Iridium or Ruby Iridium? Let us know in the thread below and why!

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