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What is the Oakley Vault? Oakley’s Outlet Explained

We breakdown Oakley Vault stores – Oakley’s limited outlet where discounts can be up to 50%!

What is the Oakley Vault?

Oakley Vault stores are outlet stores for Oakley Inc. You may find some in standalone areas, but many are also apart of Tanger Outlets and similar strip malls.

The discounts at a Vault location can be up to 70% off retail prices. Although that number is typically reserved for stock that most people are not interested in. Typical discounts will hover around 30-50% off.

An Oakley Vault location
An Oakley Vault location

What Oakleys are available at Vault stores?

This is the big question – after all what good are discounts if you don’t want the sunglasses? Unfortunately it’s also the biggest mystery. Store inventory will change based on location and month to month. Like any Outlet store, Oakley uses the Vault locations to unload less desirable products which didn’t sell in their initial offering.

As you can see in this discussion, some Vault stores will also carry new Oakley inventory but don’t necessarily expect it to be discounted.

Some previous examples of what we’ve seen include:

  • T-Shirts usually starting around $12
  • Lanyards and other accessories from $5
  • Cleaning Kits (with free refills) around $12
  • Discounted Oakley Sunglasses – Usually limited/less desirable colorways, previous examples have included (once again, your experience may vary here):
    • Holbrooks from $80
    • Frogskins from $60
    • Replacement lenses starting around $30

Does Oakley Vault have a website?

Unfortunately not any more. Up until 2015, the Oakley Vault maintained a website with similar deals, however Oakley decided to move the outlet operations to in store only.

On the positive side, this can result in better overall inventory for stores, but predicting what’s available has become much more difficult. If you’re a serious collector, or interested in a particular pair it never hurts to befriend the Vault employees. As you frequent the store more often, they may provide insights to what inventory is coming next or be able to pull an item to the side if they know you’re interested. When all else fails, it never hurts to be nice!

Oakley Vaults Website Shutdown Email
Oakley Vaults Website Shutdown Email

How do I find an O Vault location near me?

To find your closest Oakley Vault location, you can simply go to Oakley’s website and use the store locator. Make sure to deselect Oakley stores and Dealers, only leaving the “Oakley Vault” selected in the Filters menu before searching.

Vaults are primarily located in the US, and Canada, though there are some locations internationally, including in the UK.

Oakley Vault Store Locator
Oakley Vault Store Locator

Do Vault’s accept Coupons such as Friends and Family?

Typically the only coupons Vault locations will accept are those specific to Vault locations. Nowadays it’s more common to see sales and clearances at Vault locations than actual coupons. However if you’re a member of the Oakley MVP Program, you may receive targeted discounts that are eligible at Vaults – be sure to read the fine print!

Have you gotten any recent scores at a Vault location? Let us know in the comments!

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