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Oakley MUZM Series Launches New $14K X-Metal Sunglasses

Oakley MUZM Series re-released the X-Metal Romeo and Juliet Sunglasses at an astronomical price, but are they really the same?

What are X-Metals?

Oakley X-Metals are a line of sunglasses made by the company in the 1990’s that specifically reference the material they’re made of. Oakley X-Metal is a proprietary five metal alloy material comprised primarily of titanium. Ultimate this material was used to develop the first line of titanium eyewear.

Oakley X-Metal Juliet TiO Sunglasses
Original Oakley X-Metal Juliet Sunglasses

As described by Oakley:

The imaginative and disruptive spirit of Oakley was marked by the release of a new design aesthetic that firmly launched the brand into the cultural mainstream in the ‘90s. The relentless drive to redefine the next generation of eyewear with unique, sculptural shapes led to the development of a never-before-seen wire design. The result was X Metal® Romeo and Juliet, the brand’s first sculptural wire frame glasses that were unmistakably Oakley. Part of the X Metal® family of eyewear, the frames were named for their unique, proprietary blend of metals ideally suited for extreme performance requirements. In addition to radicalizing the optical engineering industry, the frames went on to influence the worlds of sport and culture, being worn by the likes of basketball icon Scottie Pippen.

– Oakley

The X-Metal line debuted in 1997 with the Oakley Romeo sunglasses. However they were ultimately discontinued in 2012 with the Badman and Madman. Check out our Ultimate guide to Oakley X-Metal Sunglasses including what the alloy is really composed of!

Oakley MUZM Series Announcement
Oakley MUZM Series Announcement – Photo: Oakley

What is the Oakley MUZM Series 1875?

In March of 2021, Oakley teased the world on their Instagram with pictures that hinted at X-Metals. Within hours they launched the Oakley Muzm Series 1975 X-Metal Edition Sunglasses. Part of a new collaboration with NBA start Damian Lillard, clearly they are making a splash.

The Oakley MUZM Series 1975 X-Metal Edition is a first of its kind limited edition box set. Let’s break down what’s inside:

  • All new serialized Oakley Romeo sunglasses
  • All new serialized Oakley Juliet sunglasses
  • Collectors X-Metal coin
  • Warranty Card and Booklet of the pairs
  • Custom display box
  • Each piece will be accompanied by a signature of Chicago Bulls legend, Scottie Pippen, and Portland Trail Blazers hero, Damian Lillard.
Oakley Romeo and Juliet MUZM Series
Oakley Romeo and Juliet MUZM Series – Photo: Oakley

The MUZM series is a labor of love as Oakley claims to have been working on re-releasing these X-Metal pairs for over 2 years:

For the release of the iconic frames, Oakley’s research and development took more than two years, resulting in over 400 designs alongside endless modeling and testing to land on the perfect design – a hand-finished, 3D printed and titanium-cast frame. Now almost 25 years later, Oakley is re-releasing the iconic frames, the Oakley MUZM Series 1875 X Metal® Edition. The lightweight, adjustable frames are made of hypoallergenic titanium powder and engineered to naturally fit around the skull. The frames feature interchangeable nosecombs for a dialed-in, customized fit alongside ultra-sharp optics for those who demand uncompromising performance in eyewear. Original elements from the ‘90s frame remain in this updated version including socks, nosepads and flexbombs.

– Oakley

Keep reading as we break down the X-Metal frames themselves and how they compare to the originals.

Are the New Oakley Romeo and Oakley Juliet the same as originals?

MUZM Series Romeo

The MUZM series Romeo recreated the original Romeo design, keeping with the first X-Metal ever. However there are still some very big changes.

The MUZM Romeo still includes the signature flex couplers and interchangeable nose bombs from the original. They also keep the Unobtanium earsocks. However according to Oakley, all of these elements now feature the latest and greatest technology.

Oakley MUZM Series 1975 X-Metal Edition Set
Oakley MUZM Series 1975 X-Metal Edition Set – Photo: Oakley

You’ll also noticed that the earsocks are red, reminding us of the signature limited edition Ducati or Jordan earsocks. As Oakley has billed this box set as a nod to basketballs glory days, it wouldn’t be surpising if the red references the famous Jordan Romeos. Read more on those in our complete guide to the Oakley Romeo Sunglasses here.

Michael Jordan wearing original Romeo Sunglasses with Red Earsocks
Michael Jordan wearing original Romeo Sunglasses with Red Earsocks

Oakley also used this opportunity to add their contrast enhancing Prizm lenses to the frames. These are the first Prizm Oakley X-Metals ever released and feature Prizm Black Polarized lenses.

But the biggest change to this frame is the fact that they are now 3-D printed. Yes you heard that right – the Oakley X-Metals which used to take 425,000 watts of power to create, now can be printed with a similar titanium alloy. No word yet on these X-metals standing up to the weight of a car like the originals.

Oakley MUZM Series Romeo (Top) and Juliet (Bottom) Sunglasses
Oakley MUZM Series Romeo (Top) and Juliet (Bottom) Sunglasses – Photo: Oakley

MUZM Series Juliet

The MUZM series Juliet also keeps the iconic design of the original Juliet Sunglasses which we’ve already covered in our guide here. However there are still some improvements and interesting changes.

The Juliet, built from 25 total pieces, also features upgraded interchangeable flex couplings and unobtanium nose bombs. These pieces help to improve fit while still maintaining the flexibility of the frame.

Side view of MUZM Series Oakley X-Metal Sunglasses – Photo: Oakley

Similar to the Romeo, the Juliet also includes Prizm Black Polarized lenses. This is in-line with Oakley’s push to include Prizm lenses in every and any frame. What started as a sport specific lens has now morphed into an everything lens. No word yet on if the Muzm Juliet lenses will fit into originals but we’re hoping.

Finally, just like the Romeo above, the MUZM Juliet is made of a 3D-printed titanium alloy. Since Oakley is selling these as X-Metal’s we’d guess the strength to weight ratio is the same or improved but no word yet.

Rear view of Oakley X-Metal MUZM Series Sunglasses
Rear view of Oakley X-Metal MUZM Series Sunglasses – Photo: Oakley

How much do they cost?

Now hold on to your seat. Oakley is only releasing 14 of the Muzm Series 1975 X-Metal Edition Sunglasses sets. With the release they are also donating a total of $140,000 RESPECT, a program founded by Oakley ambassador Damian Lillard. RESPECT is a charitable program that supports high school students to stay in school and grow.

By now you should realize these won’t be cheap. Each Muzm Series 1975 X-Metal set is retailing for $14,000! This is the most expensive Oakley release ever seen. And it easily blows the $2,000 re-release of the Oakley Over The Top out of the water.

But if you’re still interested you can head over to Oakley’s website and buy them at the link here: MUZM Product Link

Front View of Oakley MUZM Series Sunglasses – Photo: Oakley

Will Oakley release more X-Metals?

Now you may be wondering, what does this mean for the future of Oakley X-Metals? There is still a lot of speculation if Oakley will release the Romeo and Juliet following this new process in a non limited edition pair. But honestly no one knows. While we wouldn’t be surprised to see Oakley capitalize on their 2 years of research with a larger release. We also did see them re-launch the Over The Top for only a limited edition. Only time will tell but we’ve got our fingers crossed.

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