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  • Hello, I have just joined. I would like to post a thread regarding my Oakleys and how to identify the model, but I don't know how to do so? Can you please direct me? Thank you.
    Hey Boss, I was just looking at my feedback rating and it shows 2 negative, but I should only have 1. Can you help?
    Hello, I just joined yesterday. I just bought a premium account and still can't PM, unless I am missing how to do it. Also, Does the exchange rules still apply for premium members? 14 day rule? Thanks, hope you can help.
    Hi may be you can help me sent member Trann14 money for links for my minute machine watch a month ago never received the links .Sent him emails from pay pal and also from forum my mistake I sent the money friends and family any thing u can do to help thanks .I hate to see it happen to some one else
    Hi Admin,

    I wonder why I can't post message and I'm getting You have insufficient privileges to reply here. Do I need to be a premium member?
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