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    Trading Complete Lens List With Pics

    pm for CH / ruby please,,,,
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    FS : Oakley Accesories ( Some Of Them Are RARE Item )

    mood please close ,,, thanks
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    Juliet Side Blinder

    thanks all,,,#cheersss
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    My X Metal Collection As A Whole...

    can't say anything, just "O-some" ....
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    The BOSS's

    D*mn,,,you are THE BOSS ma men ,,,, :big_boss:
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    Juliet Side Blinder

    i also have this blinder,,, d*mn its cool :cool:
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    WTS: New C SIX Number 1000/1500, Pitt Boss TRON, Water Jacket And Ducati

    still available for the xsq ducati ?
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    WTB: Monster Dog White/snow Camo

    i have some,,,(BNIB & used but all are very mint) ,,, PM for detail please,,, :thumb:
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    For Sale Serialized X-Metal Juliet - Low Serial!

    still available? or gone already ??
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    For Sale Juliet - Ti02 With Ice Iridium, OEM Blue Unobtanium. Gen 1 Serialised.

    still available ? or its gone already ??
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    For Sale Time To Thin The Herd.

    still available for the water jacket?? ill take it,,,,:cool:
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    Metals For Sale

    ill take the plasma ice if the deal falls through,,,please lets me know mate :cool:
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    For Sale Ducati Wind Jacket, FMJ Twenty...

    still available for the "ducati" ?? pm price (include shipping cost to jakarta ina),,, thanks dude
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    Lates Collection,,,and Still Counting

    thanks you bro, those are pretty sick mate,,,,lol
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    Lates Collection,,,and Still Counting

    all : yes, it's custom cut from jawbone (vented) ,,,, @cool_ibiza : thanks bro,,, ;)