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    Traded Looking for the STPL holbrook

    what do you have to trade for STPL holbrook?
  2. crazyboutOAKley

    Hardshell Exclusive

    They were a contest held by oakley during back to school season for employees. I believe there was like 10-20 of them all painted on by an artist. Who ever sold the most back packs in each district got one I believe. This was definitely a contest held about 10 years ago.
  3. crazyboutOAKley

    Content For Now

    looks good boss
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    Trading Oakley Women's Display Case for your Sunnies....

    man i would love to trade too bad i am in MA
  6. crazyboutOAKley

    O-Store Holiday Exclusives

    I heard that times Sq oakley has the radarlock box set in different colors.
  7. crazyboutOAKley

    My Newest Pickup

    looks dope, especially the icons with golf ripples
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    For Sale Overthetop FMJ+/ Fire Iridium

    trade is pending for the OTTs
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    For Sale Transformers Gascan And Flying Tigers

    any chance you open to trades?
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    For Sale Vr46 Holbrook For Sale

    C100 trade
  11. crazyboutOAKley

    How Many Pairs In Your Collection?

    hit 80 or so the other day, cant wait for number 100.....
  12. crazyboutOAKley

    How To Restore Old Unobtainium That Has Gone Sticky!

    Hand Sanitizer should do the trick also. if you clean it once in a while with Handsanitizer it will keep it fresh. it also make it easier to slip them back on to the sunglasseses
  13. crazyboutOAKley

    How Big Is Oakley In Your Country?

    In Boston i see some here and there but always the usual black Gascans and Flak Jackets. i always see bikers and anyone whose playing sports wear Oakley though. I see a lot of people wear oakley goggles when i am snow boarding though. I always wondered how common Oakley is Japan and Brazil since...
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    Want To Trade For Ott Or Pitboss

    I would love to get a pair of OTT, i wonder if i could fit them though