1. U

    Buying M Frame Glasses

    I'm needing a pair with z87 stamped on frame preferably tinted. Just curious how much I could pay for used pair
  2. U

    Buying M Frame Glasses

    Well apparently the flak jacket is a no go for work because no z87 stamped on frame or lense. I am looking for maybe a beat up pair of M frames with z87 on the frame.
  3. U

    Buying Black Polished Fuel Cells, Black Iridium Lenses

    They sell costom fuel cells with this set up, just curious if anyone had any to sell. Thanks
  4. Flakjacket

    Flak Jacket Frame Accesory Kits

    Im particularly looking for polished black frame with red earsocks and nose bombs.. maybe black iridum lenses but dont really care just want to see the red with the black.. Like i said i wear them at work and i dont wear them for fashion. Our colors are red mainly might match the uniform better...
  5. Flakjacket

    Flak Jacket Frame Accesory Kits

    I have Polished Black flak jackets with black iridium lenses black kit (ALL BLACK).. I wear these for protection at work when i do their yard work. Well i lost a nose piece and was going to order some black ones. Then it got me thinking about colors. Anyone have ANY Black Flak Jackets with...
  6. Flakjacket

    Questions For Jim Jannard!

    Just going to throw this out there for question/comment for whoever. I asked Oakley about 3 months ago why they havn't made shield/goggles for the Rescue/Fire/EMS organizations. I was told to send an email to the legal people so i did with no answer. This bring up how Hockey/Football started...
  7. U

    WTS: Matte Black Half Jacket And Flak Jacket

    can you send the flat black to ipizzo@live.com?
  8. U

    For Sale Boston Red Sox Flak

    oh my bad.. its ok i thought it was glasses sorry for not reading it through :)
  9. U

    Buying Half Pint

    where did you get the black ones from?
  10. U

    For Sale Boston Red Sox Flak

    Have a picture?
  11. Flakjacket

    How To Properly Clean Your Oakley Glasses

    Horn05 i have noticed mine have the same but are unpolarized lenses. I would think that the lines are the reinforcement in the polycarbonate lense that makes them strong.
  12. Flakjacket

    Oakley For The Woman

    Maybe there should be a section for women because i tried finding some info on glasses and no luck on this forum.
  13. Flakjacket

    Oakley For The Woman

    She was wondering how i got all the stuff around her (shipping, paying, delivery etc) without her knowing lol.. and she loved them. She tried them on at a sorta local store said she liked them so bought them online.. But she is carrying them around in the BOX LMFAO! She is afraid she will get...
  14. Flakjacket

    Have you ever found a pair of Oakley's?

    I was helping a buddy on a route tow truck. I went in the 24/7 tow truck to grab a safety vest under the back seat and found a pair of Oakley Juliet's with Ice Iridium. They were loose as can be and were scratched up but i wore em like they were new couldn't beat free. I asked everyone at the...
  15. Flakjacket

    Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off. Sure Why Not.

    Where is the vault in Illinois?