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    Buying Looking For B1B

    I also have a pair with the BMX bike grips. Brand new in box and all that jazz.
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    Oakley X Sneaker Politics Frogskins

    From what it sounds like, they just did a run of 18 online through OCP and then re-sold them for less than MSRP.
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    Supreme X Oakley Frogskins : Matte Royal Blue With Fire Iridium

    Yep I'll take them, just like I would have taken them from the original owner.
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    Latest Pick-ups

    Atmos Supreme, Bearbricks, SW Blue Chrome Time to take a break...a long break!
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    FS: Extremely Rare Pieces...For A Friend

    Frogs are gorgeous!
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    Rare Frogskin List

    What about Supreme Chromes? I didn't see them in that list.
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    2 Pairs Of 4-legged Froggies

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    Oakley From Www.coolframes.com Genuine?

    Supposedly they have Legit Oakley's but frequently are back ordered and will charge you as soon as you buy and keep your money for as long as they like in the event they ever get more in. I HIGHLY advise against buying from them.
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    Shadow Lawn Creepers X Oakley Frogskins Collab

    ^Good to hear. Thank you for honoring the refund requests.
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    Shadow Lawn Creepers X Oakley Frogskins Collab

    Charlie, shot you an email about the lenses, hit me back when you have the chance. Thanks!
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    Shaun White GOLDbrook

    Picked these up for wrist. Now gotta wait for another chance to snag a pair for myself.
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    Shadow Lawn Creepers X Oakley Frogskins Collab

    Just from my experience, PayPal to the bank usually takes 3-4 business days, but if they are receiving a large volume or amount ($) of payments PayPal could and usually will put a hold on their account which will slow up the process.
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    Shadow Lawn Creepers X Oakley Frogskins Collab

    Thanks wrist! Gotta rep VA with you man!
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    VanNess Wu X Oakley Frogskins

    I heard retail was close to $300 USD in HK. Crazy!
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    WTS : MY FROGSKINS Collection