I was in the Navy for 14 years.

collecting Oakley paraphernalia , biking, hiking.
Lafayette, Co
Your Oakleys
Double wide display case, mega tower display case, Echelon RdrPath, Echelon Jawbone, straight jacket black with emerald flames and lens, Todd Francis Eyepatch, Mambo Antix, Science fuel cell Matte dkgray, Square o science Graphic hard case, Mumbo with Hammers carbon fiber, Radar Path Anti-Freeze W/Jade Iridium, Radar Pitch truecrbnfiber W/blk irid, straight jacket black with red skull, 2008 1st Edition Oakley Frogskins Glow in the Dark White, RAZOR BLADES, FRAME CLEAR / BLUE IRIDIUM LENS, late 80's M Frame clear/ w blue irid, TRANSFORMERS GASCAN OAKLEY 3D, Juliet titanium w/ Gold iridium, Juliet Plasma W/blk iridium, penny w/ blue irid, juliet square with Ruby red, and gold irid lenses. Jupiter Frogskins/ JUPITER CAMO W/+ RED IRIDIUM
Wellsite Engineer


The one who dies with the most Toys, Wins!!!!!



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