1. Nortika

    Value Thread Ask About Prices Here

    900 - 1000 for tron 400-450 for 24k XX
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    Hi all

    Welcome aboard
  3. Nortika

    Oakley holeshot call of duty mw3 watch

    That’s awesome
  4. Nortika

    Legit O case?

    No, not made by Oakley
  5. Nortika

    Oakley holeshot call of duty mw3 watch

    That’s pretty cool, is there any engravings on the watch that says call of duty or way to identify it from holeshots
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    New Old Member

    Welcome aboard, to go about selling here you need to meet the exchange guidelines, post 14 useful posts and be a member for two weeks. Or you could by pass the waiting period and buy a premium membership and get instant access I’d love to see you collection...
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    Whats good ya’ll!

    Welcome aboard
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    Corona 19 thread

    Amazon was cracking down on scalpers too
  9. Nortika

    Corona 19 thread

    Wait till they hit eBay by scalpers, hopefully eBay stops it, but highly doubtful
  10. Nortika

    sammler-oakley (Ebay) anybody no him?

    He’s a legit seller, sorry you had problems, are you from the US?
  11. Nortika

    My collection

    Nice collection
  12. Nortika

    Oakley Elites

    Don’t hold your breath, it will never be like pre-lux
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    New Kicks!

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    New Member but old in Oakley stuff

    Welcome aboard
  15. Nortika

    Anyone know what these are called?

    Never seen those, but they look bad ass