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    For Sale zcrxsi's 3D Printed Keychains

    It’s against forum rules for one
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    For Sale zcrxsi's 3D Printed Keychains

    Did we lift the pan on selling trademarked stuff?
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    Sold Hatchet Pewter w/ Black Iridium

    Are there any other bombs that could be used for this?
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    The Ever Changing Collection

    Been using this same thread a long time. That first pic is from when I had just moved that case into my bedroom at my parents house. I was still in college then. Good times! But! I’ve bought a new house, and it’s an absolute monster of a house. The good thing is, I finally have a “nice” way of...
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    Deal Need a new monitor - XX or XS up for grabs

    My bad! I ended up finding a monitor cheap enough to not have to let any metals go. Thanks for the interest everyone!
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    OF Custom of the Month NOVEMBER 2021

    I moved and need get my booth set up still :(
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    MicahS's collection

    Oh nice. Another one that come out elsewhere first before making it to the US site
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    MicahS's collection

    How’d you get this one?
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    Does anyone the name of the designer(s) responsible for the OTTs?

    You could look on the patent for everyone involved
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    Deal Need a new monitor - XX or XS up for grabs

    Oh yea, either lol
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    Deal Need a new monitor - XX or XS up for grabs

    So I’m an idiot and broke my monitor today and need to fund a new one. Selling one or the other of these pairs: XS - xmetal/ice. Comes with box/coin/case, but no outer sleeves XX - xmetal/fuse ruby, can include the box for the right price 550 obo shipped for both
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    Buying OTT

    Nope, all mine are gone
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    Sold x3 Moscow Hats

    Are these one size fits all?
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    Pricedollaz Oakley Purchases

    Yes. They were from an internal event in Hawaii in like 2012. I had a different frame with the same deal