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    Deal TF 3D Gascan

    Deal thread between myself and @Dbninc
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    Cool! Was this in the movie or was it just given to those working on the movie?
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    Oakley MSK3 vs N95 vs N100 vs KN95 vs KF94 vs UVMask Lite Review

    Good to know about the Oakley filters being flimsy. I didn't even try them. I went straight for the Bondir inserts. Been using them regularly with no issues. I was wearing simple handmade cotton face coverings as well as disposable face masks and got irritated when wearing them for prolonged...
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    Oakley MSK3 vs N95 vs N100 vs KN95 vs KF94 vs UVMask Lite Review

    Nice review. To make the MSK3 cheaper overall by not having to buy Oakley's replacement filters, i purchased Bondir KN95 filters (as someone on another thread recommended) and they fit well enough to cover the open mesh design of the mask housing.
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    Sold OEM Splice Earsocks and Nosepads

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    Got the MSK3, now where’s the Filters?

    UPS Tracking shows it's in transit 🤷‍♂️
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    Got the MSK3, now where’s the Filters?

    Good tip on the Costco filters. Gonna buy some now. My mask is coming in Friday.
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    Urban Commuter Frog

    Link or pics of this bag? I'd like to add the bag to my LA pair, if i can grab one. EDIT: Nevermind. Found it.
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    Picked Up A Doublewide 3.1 Tower

    Whoa. Throwback!
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    Camo skull golf collection

    The Golf Shatter Skull collection is typically found only in Japan. That's why in your pics, the displays and tags are in Japanese. Unless you have a friend who lives in Japan or someone going soon to find and buy, your next best bet is eBay. I picked up a number of golf items when i went in...
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    What Oakleys Are You Wearing Today??

    Those were part of the reason i got them. IMO, a nod to the mad science during the Jannard days.
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    Buying Gascan Trons

    Oh shoot. You know what, i'm so sorry. I made a mistake. The pair i still have is the Transformers Gascans. I forgot i sold the Trons. My sincerest apologies for getting your hopes up :(
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    Buying Gascan Trons

    Yep, sorry. I cleared a bit of room for you. I'll pm you now.
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    Buying Gascan Trons

    Last guy sold for $200 shipped and his had some minor issues. I can do $220 shipped.
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    Buying Gascan Trons

    I have a pair. Brand new, never worn, complete in box. I only ship to US addresses, though... PM me if you're in the US.