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Oakley's are one of the most popular brands in the world. However their recent surge in popularity has made it difficult to find rare and sought out pairs, or even to simply save a few bucks on current pairs. In this guide, we will show you where to find that sold out pair of Juliet's, how to save up to 70% on current pairs, and where you can sell those old Gascans on your shelf! Read More...
Have been reading multiple reports of people's Apple iPhone X Face ID not working when they are wearing Oakley Sunglasses. Face ID replaced the fingerprint (Touch ID) on the iPhone X after they were unable to successfully integrate a fingerprint scanner into the X's edge to edge screen. Read More...
April 29, 2015, @YakuzaFloralGangsta brought attention to Oakley's new attempt at creating a premium eyewear to go with their then-collaboration with Scuderia Ferrari. Forgive me for missing names, but I also recall @supersharp being a bit in-the-know as well.

Rumors swirled:
(prototype version; picture sourced from @Shade Station 's product page — please let me know if you want this picture removed)
  • Extremely limited
  • Carbon, Woody. Carbon everywhere
  • Designated as the...
Another round of reviews for a new pair in my collection - the somewhat elusive Wind Jacket 2.0. To say this had a botched released is a bit of an understatement. It's been out for a while, but retail and online availability has been hit-or-miss, erring toward the miss. I ended up with a pair from Oakley.com during the end of the last Freinds and Family run. I was hoping for the black pair, but selection was limited to the green or orange (both of which are now gone and only black with two lens options are on the website as of right now). O-Review shows 6 released colorways with 80's... Read More...
What are your thoughts on the all new Oakley Snow Prizm Sapphire Lenses?

All new Oakley SI Ballistic Shocktube Sunglasses:

Forged with protection, shaped with industrial style, and built for speed, SI Shocktube brings ballistic capability to new levels. Fully compliant with the ballistic and optical standards of MIL PRF 32432, SI Shocktube is composed of an upper and lower jaw to maximize impact protection. Simple lens exchange with an included hex-key, the product allows the user to swap lenses seamlessly. An Unobtanium™ nosepiece and thin ear stems makes SI Shocktube adaptable for the active needs of Military, Law Enforcement, or recreational shooting.
A mix of old and new, the EV Zero brings back the frameless character of the original Oakley Zero series with the brand's current Extended Vision lens design. To incorporate even more nostalgia, the EV Zero brings back the lens etching and Planet X colorway of the Sub Zero. If you've been following the other thread in the Upcoming Releases forum, it'd seem that the Planet X colorway is most people's first option. Unfortunately I'm not so original, as that's what I went for myself. Read More...
A few of the people that expressed recent interest in these; I've been a fan of the M Frames for a while now, and I've felt that every new iteration of the M Frame (I do not count the M2) has been a step forward in terms of design, fit, utility, comfort (arguable between the 2.0 and 3.0), and other factors. The Alpha doesn't disappoint.

When I first unboxed the pair I was a bit surprised at how bulky they looked. The lens does need to double as a goggle lens, but as soon as I set them with my 3.0 pair it was even more evident. Read More...
New Frogskin release today! Mash SF teamed up with Oakley, to produce a limited Frogskin piece.

These are matte charcoal frames, with black logos, custom produced to match Mash SF's 10 year color palette. The lenses are 24k iridium with the MASH shield laser etched in the corner. They include a printed lens bag that features the 10 year art Garrett Chow designed.

100 pair produced in total. Only 85 pair are being sold, and only available in the Mash SF shop, and here on the Mash SF web storeroom (Link below). The remaining 15 are going to Mash SF's team riders.

Reposted - Since original post was deleted - Edit: All Gone Now Read More...
Rio 2016 Additonal.jpg
Some of you may have already seen the handful of pairs that are specifically coming out for the Summer Olympics set to kick off in Rio at the start of August 2016, but it would appear there are more! See the complete listing! Read More...
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