00 red polorized

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    Sold Juliet - 00 Red Iridium Polarized Lens - 95.00 Shipped

    Cut from some donor (can't recall honestly) by Chris. Considering that i should have seen if i like the glasses before i went on a shopping spree.. lol.. my loss.. well, your gain! I love this lens. for me its great for driving. Early am sun or slightly overcast.. clears the hazy out. (and...
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    Buying Lens for Oakley Half X - looking (Polarized)

    for polarized. I don't think i will find my favorite 00 Red Iridium lens. Not sure what comes close to the same protection. Not a fan of dark lens.. (bet they would look good though). Any thoughts or ideas, please let me know. Hoping not to go Non-brand but.. thanks! !!