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    Sold 475.00 Pit Boss 1 - 03-303 - Matte Black -OEM lens LNIB CONUS

    Frame: Matte Black/Titanium Lens: Black Iridium Polarized NOTE: OEM lens are available if you would like vs the Cut Taco Family. (see picture) Update. I picked up some OEM lens and will swap them with the donor ones. Here is a like new pair of pb1's. Also included is the elite bag. No...
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    For Sale PB1 (03-303) Not new, Nicked Frame

    Looking to move this set out of collection. As you can see in the last photo it has a nick/scratch on the left upper eye section. It has been in the glass case since i got it and never even saw it. (I had intended to get Doc Chop to do one of his Rust color schemes on it but decided to focus...