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    Sold  PitBoss 03-304 Polished Black Gunmetal w/ VR28 Polarized

    I have a Pit Boss 03-304 Polished Black Gunmetal w/ VR28 Black Polarized for sale. Frame and lenses in very good condition! Pair was worn occasionally, hence the nice condition. Small marks on the lenses from cleaning. Frame shows minimal wear - minimal! Comes with the "wooden" box, the outter...
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    Sold  475.00 Pit Boss 1 - 03-303 - Matte Black -OEM lens LNIB CONUS

    Frame: Matte Black/Titanium Lens: Black Iridium Polarized NOTE: OEM lens are available if you would like vs the Cut Taco Family. (see picture) Update. I picked up some OEM lens and will swap them with the donor ones. Here is a like new pair of pb1's. Also included is the elite bag. No...
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    For Sale  PB1 (03-303) Not new, Nicked Frame

    Looking to move this set out of collection. As you can see in the last photo it has a nick/scratch on the left upper eye section. It has been in the glass case since i got it and never even saw it. (I had intended to get Doc Chop to do one of his Rust color schemes on it but decided to focus...