1. U

    Buying Oakley New Zero 0.4 FMJ Iridium

    Whats up guys I know the average price of this sunglass is 80 to 100 dolars but I could pay twice or something. If you has or know who does, please help me to find them haha Thanks in advance
  2. Teixas

    Brazilian Oakley fan

    Whats up guys Greetings from Brazil I’m looking for Oakley Zero 0.4 FMJ Iridium If you have or know who does, please tell me I want to buy
  3. U

    For Sale Zero 0.4 SQ S Cobalt w/ +red iridium " ONLY BOX - PAPERS - BAG "

    Hello all for sale the complete package for Zero 0.4 SQ S Cobalt w/ +red iridium in very good condition, came complete with box papers and the original bag. Price $100 included shipping obo Thanks for look.
  4. U

    Sold Zero New 0.4 squared Joker w/ Gold Iridium Sku: 05-257

    Hello al OBro's for sale this awesome And Classic Zero, very dificult To get in this condition, only display, don't have wear, came only with my-bag, no box. Condition: LNOB/MINT Sku: 05-257 Lenses 9,9/10 Frame 9,9/10 Rubbers 9,9/10 Price $200 $190 Allin. Paypals g&s, shipping with tracking...
  5. U

    Sold New Zero 0.4 Squared FMJ 5.56 w/ Fire Iridium SKU: 05-268 #SOLD

    Condition USED The frame and lenses are used but in excellent condition , lenses have some marks of use but very superficial, does not affect or bother the vision , the lens has a center line , as shown in the picture, came with bag only, Is normal frame, no small squared. SKU...