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    Found  zero 0.6 carbon fiber/clear

    hi there! I'm looking to buy a pair of this zero in gen 1 please... *picture for refference only but mainly looking for gen1. thanks
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    Sold  Zero 0.6 Carbon Fiber w/ Persimmon

    Hello for sale one of my Zero's this time 0.6 carbon fiber frame in like new condition only put for take a selfie and ever exposed in the tower, the lenses have any cleaning mark but can't get in the pics is very very little, excellent condition and difficult to get new, have all the box...
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    For Sale  Zero 0.6 Planet X red iridium " ONLY BOX - PAPERS - BAG "

    Hello all for sale the original box, papers and bag of Oakley 0.6 Planet X with red Iridium in very good condition. Complete your planet with the complete package. Price $100 included shipping with tracking. Thanks for look.