12 gauge

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    Buying  Oakley 12 Gauge crown

    Hi everyone, I trying to find a crown for my Oakley 12 Gauge watch, it’s the last part I need to find Just shoot me a message if you have it
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    For Sale  Oakley 12 gauge Titanium carbon yellow dial watch

    Pretty rare these days 12 gauge Titanium carbon yellow dial watch. Great overall condition, with some very minor signs of usage that can be easily re-brushed but I preferred to keep its original condition. I think all original links are included as it fits pretty large wrist. Also, wooden box...
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    For Sale  Oakley 12 Gauge titanium/carbon fiber yellow dial

    I am selling my brother's 12 Gauge, carbon fiber/titanium with yellow accents. This is the collectors look for, folks! It is in used as is condition but functions perfectly. Anyone who has already purchased from me knows I pack and ship carefully and securely and negotiate fairly. Price is $1000...
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    Buying  12 gauge ss band

    Looking for but a 12 gauge stainless steel band. also willing to Purchase beater 12 gauge if needed.
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    Sold  12 gauge sheath face

    I am selling my 12 gauge stealth watch face. After taking it to a watch repair specialist he has advised me that the time keeping mechanism isnt working. The chrono side of the watch still seems to be working. I went against repair as it is surplus to requirements in my cabinet. Asking $75
  6. Dancad88

    12 gauge time keeping

    My stealth 12 gauge has seemed to lost the ability to keep time but the chrono is still working fine. Swapped the battery out and still same issue. Has anyone had same problem and know if any fixes before I send it off to a watch maker?
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    For Sale  Blue Face 12 Gauge $380

    I have a blue face 12 gauge for sale. Comes with wood box. The Pin that locks is loose on the box so it does pull out. Just had a new battery installed. Band is cut but fits a large wrist. Watch is in used condition. Has regular use and wear marks. Will measure wrist size when I get a chance...
  8. Dancad88

    12 Gauge timing issue?

    I put my 12 gauge on today and looked like the battery had died. Once I had a little play around it seems the chrono feature still works and just seems the watch isn’t keeping time. Anyone had this happen before is it an internal failure or a quick fix? Regards.
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    For Sale  12 Gauge Stealth Full Set EU

    Hi everybody, I am not following the suggestions that I received on this forum and I am selling my 12 Gauge Stealth because I can't stand to see it everyday in its box. Full set with all original box and papers. I am not wearing it because I feel it's too chunky for my 16 cm wrist and in...
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    Sold  12 Gauge titanium carbon fiber

    For sale: Oakley 12 Gauge titanium carbon fiber face whit yellow accents in good used condition. No scratches on the sapphire crystal, normal wear on the band and case, but nothing to worry about, clasp working as it should, comes whit: - white outet cardboard box - protective cardboard box...
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    Sold  12 Gauge Stainless Steel Band White Face

    Selling my 12 Gauge with Stainless band and white face. Bought it used but personally have not worn it. Just got a black face version so I decided to let this go to fund another purchase. Battery was replaced in August. Everything functions properly. No scratches on sapphire. Typical scratches...
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    Buying  12 gauge 3d printed links?

    Was wondering if anyone know of anyone who 3d prints replacement links for the 12 gauge I have a crack in the link which joins the clasp. I have contacted Oakley UK numerous times and they want nothing to do with the watch. Oakley USA were a little better but once found out I was residing in UK...
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    For Sale  12 Gauge White Dial w/Stainless

    So, with the recent purchase of the Hollowpoint, I have to pay my brother back. I bought the 12 Gauge from @Titan X last year. It’s been my go to ever since, up until this point. The two “major” flaws is 1.) Between the 56 - 57 minute mark, there is a white/gray spec underneath the crystal. And...
  14. B

    Major haul

    Just paid the guy for a few more pieces! I am so stoked for this. This is probably going to be my best single puchase... ever. In one lot, I managed to pick up: Romeo 1 (possible Jordan) Mag. M Frame 1’st Gen M Frame Zero 0.3 Grenade fade Froggy D1 D2 Blade And a 12 Gauge, all for one...
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    For Sale  12Gauge steel/carbon band lnib

    Looks great! Worn a few times only, comes in presentation box, with instruction manual. 625$ (Traded)all in last chance to own this great watch!! Thanks for checking! Brand new battery /energizer brand ..
  16. The_Darkone

    A little time from the Darkside

    It doesn't really matter what time it is on the Darkside because once you enter you are never leaving :vinsent: but thought I would share a few pieces I have collected from the poor souls who have entered...... Just waiting on a few more guests to arrive
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    For Sale  12 Gauge metal/carbon BNIB

    Mod please delete all
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    For Sale  My Oakley Watch Collection

    Selling off some of my collection to offset my habit for luxury watches. I have the following up for grabs: GB Auto has titanium bracelet with box and warranty card - $1,300. I have a blue face polished titanium MM with box and warranty card- $1,050. DT Blue rubber - $650, DT stainless steel -...
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    Sold  Black 12 Gauge

    Hi gang. For sale is a beautiful custom black face 12 Gauge with rubber strap in excellent condition. A few very minor marks here and there, but all-in-all this is a stunning and unique watch! $OLD!! all-in shipped to Canada and CONUS. Sale is for the watch only, but I also have a premium...
  20. U

    Trading  watch 4 xmetals

    12 gauge stealth unobtainium strap edition with box. sized for medium wrist can get measurements if needed. Good shape, crystal is clean, some rub marks on bottom clasp as it was worn. All details are in pictures. I'm looking to trade for various xmetals. Juliet Xmetal/Ruby complete Xsquared...
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    Buying  IH Warrant

    Hi gang. I'm looking for an IH Warrant if anyone is willing to part with one. Must be complete and in good condition. I'm not looking for a deal. I know it's not easy to come by and I'm willing to pay top dollar for it.
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    For Sale  Oakley Watch Collection (Set of 5) $2500.00

    I am selling my collection of Oakley timepieces I have collected over the past 10 years. Included are: • Oakley GMT (Honed/Blue) purchased July 2006 • Oakley Timebomb (Stealth)purchased Summer 2008 • Oakley Blade 2 (Stealth) Purchased Fall 2010 • Oakley 12 Guage (Stealth) Purchased...
  23. U

    Buying  12 gauge metal band(only)

    Hello everyone..... I just picked up a 12 gauge but it has the rubber band on it maybe someone has the stainless carbon band that's too small or they want to get rid of let me know if you have one thank you and have a great day
  24. U

    For Sale  12 Gauge TI price drop

    I am selling my custom 12 gauge. It is in very good condition and has gone under some modifications. It has a TI case, steel back plate brand new sapphire crystal new pushers and crown. Black dial with yellow hands and tachymeter. Serviced this month at oakley, all is working well. Rubber strap...
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    For Sale  12 Gauge Titanium Yellow Face

    Putting the feelers out to see if there was anyone interested in a 12 gauge titanium with the yellow face. I have only worn it out and about probably 3 or 4 times. No scratches on the face. Have all links. Box isn't included sadly. Will post photos if I get people who are interested. Asking...
  26. Pospaintballer

    My first watch

    Picked up my first Oakley time piece. Needless to say there will be more to come.
  27. OakLook

    a poll about this prize

    Hi Guyz, I have a question for you and I am very much interested in your opinion. I have been in struggle for several years and I need some advice. So about 6 years ago I participated in an Oakley context among all european optical retailers and I won it, I mean I answered several technical...
  28. E

    Looking to find a Black dial 12 Gauge watch

    Hi all, I'm new to Oakley forum and pretty much new to Oakley collecting in general. I am really a fan of the 12 Gauge. I am trying to locate one with the black dial and carbon fiber band. If anyone is able and willing to assist that would be awesome. Evan Parry P.S. I actually...
  29. Jagamov

    New 12 Gauge

    Just picked up my new titanium 12 Gauge. Another really nice watch. Was really happy to have been able to get one. The vault manager did an awesome job of tracking one down. 50% off was nice too. Quick question...I didn't get an owners manual. Anywhere I can get one or can someone tell...
  30. Foldupcup

    Watches so far and what you should be looking at

    So I've got a titanium gearbox and a titanium 12 gauge. I am really thinking about getting a polished OMM with the black face because I feel like those are going to be better as an investment vs the blue faced ones. Remember kids, black goes with everything! lol