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    Sold  Juliet Plasma / Ice Iridium 04-114 1st GEN

    Juliet Plasma / Ice Iridium • JI Serial • Frame is in great shape. Retightened by the X-Man a while back, worn 0 times since. • Nothing noticeable on the lens. • Rubbers are in good shape. • No box or coin. Sunglasses and microfiber cloth only. Asking for $375 net. Check out my other listing...
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    Sold  X3 Juliet’s

    Hello Of for sale this 3 juliets, everything is in perfect condition and with the tune-up service done in all 3 pairs, comes with microbag. - Plasma / Emerald 4rd gen SKU: 04-115 Frame 8/10 Lenses 8/10 Rubbers 9/10 Nose bridge 10/10 - Polished / Blue Iridium 1st Gen JB***** #SOLD SKU: 04-117...
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    Sold  Juliet Frame (Serial P)

    Juliet Serial P006943 Frame in very good condition. Gums in good condition. The paint has a small crack next to the rivet (nothing serious) the nasal bridge needs tuning. If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price $200 Free...
  4. Mike.vanderkoon

    X Metal Color Label Sku List

    I’m starting this thread since we do not have a dedicated thread to the old school color labels that were on specific skus. My intention are the following: Create a compiled master sku list for the skus that at one point were released with a color label. I believe I have the complete list but...
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    Sold  LNIB XX X-metal Ti02 w/ black iridium “1st gen complete”

    Hello Of for sale a like new XX ti02 with black iridium lenses 1st gen, complete and matching number, is under first 10000 of production, I only displayed for low time, never used it, and don’t have oxidation, scratchers or defect, the rubbers and the nose bridge still like the first day, I add...
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    Sold  Juliet ducati 1st gen complete oem frame with free used lenses

    Hello OFamily for sale a Ducati Xmetal 1st gen continuation serial frame is used but very good condition, nose bridge is strong from factory 9/10 I install new nose pads and red shocks, I put free lenses in the deal I can send with it installed or separately, have all oem. Serial DUCATI008122...
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    Sold  Romeo 1 Ti w/ Gold Iridium 1st gen

    Hello All for sale other used Romeo 1 tiranium with gold Iridium lenses, is 1st gen, came with oem black rubbers and mf-bag, don’t have the box, perfect for wear every day. Serial 015922 Lenses 8/10 little stress crack Frame 8/10 discoloration in the back of the nose bridge, the...
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    Sold  Juliet Polished Ichiro w/ OO Blue Ichiro 1st Release

    Rare 1st Ichiro Suzuki Japan Exclusive Limited Edition with Original matching box 3 Digit Serial under 1K For your consideration is a Mint Juliet Polished Ichiro w/ OO Blue Ichiro Lens: OO Blue 10/10 Frame: POLISHED 9.8/10 (mirror finish) Factory tight nose bridge MINT No scratches or...
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    Sold  XX Xmetal w/ black iridium “1st gen”

    Hello all for sale 1st gen XX x-metal with black Iridium lenses, came complete with box, coin and bag, the box is damaged the sponge inside is perfect, the frame and lenses in very nice condition, serial under first 3000 production, nose bridge very strong like the first day , factory tight...
  10. SolarOracle

    Mint R1 X-Metal 1st Gen

    Found those LNIB 1st gen R1 locally.. they have been sleeping in a closet for 20 years
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    Sold  1st gen XX ti02 w/ black iridium

    Hello OF After putting it up for sale and saving it for a buyer, he didn’t decide at the end to buy it and I saved it and I used it a couple of times, I noticed a movement on the bridge and I changed the rubbers on the nose bridge, have New tune-up, now it's like new, the lenses don’t have...
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    Found  1st Gen Ruby Lenses for Juliet

    Looking for a good pair of 1st Gen Ruby for my Juliets. I've got 1st Gen from when I bought the glasses in 2000 but they weren't the best color. Looking to upgrade to that deep red/purple that minimizes the orange. Bought a good pair for my Pennys off of Ebay. Was hoping someone was selling on here.
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    Sold  Lot . flak, half jacket, m frame. excellent price

    I sell lot of frames M frame, flak, half jacket. (new) the total of these are 52. (only frames in plastic bag) 14 M frame black mate 18 Flak Jacket 1.0 Black Polished 5 Flak Jacket 1.0 Rootbeer 5 Flak Jacket 1.0 Bronw 3 Flak Gray 7 Half Jacket Black Polished Initially the lot was 80...
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    Sold  Romeo titanium 1st gen beater frame with maching half box + brad new rubbers

    Hello all for sale a beater romeo 1 titanium frame 1st gen serialized, with the half of the matching box and the label, inside the frame have discoloration but outside is no too bad, look the pics, not have bumps just some spots perfect for project o wear every day, don’t have lenses, the box...
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    Sold  XX ti02 w/ black iridium 1st gen

    Hello OBro’s decide to sell one of my special pieces one of my ti02 xx oem and complete, the box lost part of the sponge inside and the label of the one part of the box we’re is the frame and color, the importan label with the serial still in , I use it in very special occasions with much love...
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    Sold  XX ti02 w/ black iridium "1st gen"

    Hello all OLovers a XX ti02 oem 1st gen serialized for sale, came with bag only, very good condition. Serial XT017533 Frame 9/10 don't have oxidation or scratchers Lenses 8,8 or 9/10 have very low cleaning and wear marks but very low and no disturb the visitor still good for...
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    Sold  Romeo 1 xmetal w/ black iridium - 1st gen + Metal display #SOLD

    Hello for sale this awesome Romeo 1 first gen in very good condition and perfect for daily wear, lenses have sign of wear and superficial lines, nothing affect the vision, no need change, frame very perfect free scratchers or marks, and rubbers very good too, come with the metal display of the...
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    Sold  XX xmetal w/ black iridium 1st gen #SOLD

    Hello all for sale a XX Xmetal with black Iridium lenses, all is oem and original, frame and lenses have a brand of use, the lenses have nothing to prevent or disturb the vision, are perfect to use day days, the rubber is also used but in perfect condition, the nose bridge is tight as the first...
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    Sold  New Romeo 1 titanium w/ gold iridium "1st gen - low serial" + xtras #SOLD

    Hello all, I decide to put for sale one of my spare Romeo titanium is Brad new condition and perfect, don't have any defect or mark, came with coin, Xmetal case, mf-bag, metal card holder, Oakley types in metal and metal display one tier, see the pics Is in the first 1500 units of the production...
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    Sold  Romeo Fire lenses 1st gen (OEM) #SOLD

    Hi All I decided to put for sale one of my spare oem Romeo fire lenses 1st gen, are new , only been installed in a frame and never without used , has always been exposed in the tower , the edge of the lens is a little peeling, when installed , is not noticeable when they are placed, don't have...
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    Sold  romeo 1 x-metal w/ black iridium 1st gen #SOLD

    Hello all This time i sell a Romeo 1 in Xmetal color with black iridium lenses, are 1st gen, all Is Oem and original, frame lenses and rubbers are like new, came with mf-bag only. I put 9,9 but all is 10. Description: LNOB / MINT Serial 063652 Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,9/10...
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    Sold  juliet x-metal w/ black iridium 1st gen $SOLD

    Hello all i have this Juliet for sale in a tread for need love, and I decided give all the love and sell in mint condition, I make tune-up, put new nose pads and install one new set of oem black iridium lenses I have exposed in my tower, the frame is used but now with the tune-up is very mint...
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    Sold  Juliet plasma w/ emerald 1st gen #SOLD

    Hi O-family for sale Juliet plasma with emerald iridium, serialized frame 1st gen, are used but in excellent condition , lenses have some marks of use, does not affect or bother the vision, came with mf-bag only. Condition USED Serial JE017917 Frame 9/10 Lenses 8/10 Rubbers...