1. U

    Found  Half Jacket 2.0 XL Non-Polarized Lenses

    Looking for new or like new Half Jacket 2.0 XL lenses. Looking for NON-Polarized please. Looking for just 1 pair. The colors I am looking for can be found below. Thanks! Prizm Black Black Iridium Fire Iridium Ice/Sapphire Iridium 24k Iridium
  2. U

    Sold  Small Cube X metal $260

    Small Cube X metal cube is totally new with some flaws. Price $ 260 Free shipping to the United States. Pay by paypal.
  3. U

    Sold  Lot 32 units Display 2.0

    Lot 32 units display 2.0 used in good condition 23 of two levels 4 of three levels 5 of a level Lot price $ 220 Free shipping to the USA Pay by Paypal.
  4. U

    Sold  Lot 6 Half Jacket Beaters $130

    Lot 6 Half Jacket (Beaters) 5 Half Jacket 1 Half Jacket 2.0 the lenses in bad conditions, the rubber are in poor condition, some have no rubber, frames with some scratches and loss of paint. (beaters) Price $130 Free shipping in the United States Pay Paypal
  5. bandit.sunglasses

    What's the Value of My Cust Half Jacket 2.0's??

    I have a pair of custom Oakley Half Jacket 2.0's that I am wondering if anyone could value for me. I have them a few years but only have worn them a few times and they are in 10/10 mint condition. I have the box and all the original paperwork. The frames are a team green, with team green...
  6. U

    Found  looking for oakley xx metal coin 2.0

    hi I am trying to find this coin and maybe even willing to buy it is it how expensive/ rare? would go nicely with my 3 x metals glasses collection is there any ideal stand or display for thees new 2.0 coins? or just plastic capsules? new one not the old xx coin thanks
  7. U

    Sold  Romeo 2.0 Frame

    No lenses or socks unfortunately but I will include a microfibre bag and a second set of nose bombs. The temple shocks are in pretty much perfect condition and the only visible wear is on the tip of one of the arms which is photographed - looks like somebody nibbled on it or something! :/ The...
  8. R

    Lenses for SI Ballistic m Frame 2.0

    So i want to know what kind of lenses i can use for my 2.0 m frame. Will: Oakley M2 FRAME REPLACEMENT LENS | Official Oakley Store fit? Or am i limited to the black, brown and white colors? Can someone tell me which will fit, and which will not even though they really look like they do :)...
  9. Mattikins

    Price difference from Standard to Polarized Lenses

    Has anyone noticed the larger price difference when buying a pair polarized sunglasses vs non-polarized as compared to the price difference between just buying polarized lenses vs non-polarized lenses. Example. Polarized flak jackets are $210 vs $150 for non polarized, therefore a $60...