24k polarized

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    Deal  Team Red Seafoam Racing Jacket

    Team Red Metallic uppers have minor temple wear on each tip, arms still have snappiness to them. Seafoam Green jaws are in excellent shape. Orange (hand painted) bolts & white icons have some wear. Rubbers are oem white in very good condition, no discoloring/tackiness. 24k Polarized straightlink...
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    Found  24k Lenses

    Looking for a set of 24k or 24k Polarized Frogskin lenses. Condition isn't a big deal to me so long as they are wearable in their current state, I have some tints I would be inclined to work out an exchange for the 24k lenses if possible. Black Iridium Polarized OCP etched w/ FROGSKINS -...