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    Sold  WAVECLOUD "0.3"

    REPOST: A tattletale told on me and the teacher said I had to cover the nose bridge etching. Up for sale is a pair of Wavecloud custom made, Zero 0.3 inspired sunglasses. I bought these from a member on here last year. They don't get face time, so I'd rather move them along to someone who would...
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    For Sale  Gen 2 Frogskins

    (2) Paris of Gen 2 Frogskins Crystal Black w/ +Red Each orbital has a small stress line on the bottom outside area The left arm’s top hinge has a stress line Lenses have no serious scratches, they have the typical hairline wear you’d expect for a daily wear pair, the iridium finish is more...
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    For Sale  Gen 2 Crystal Frogskins - WTT for Gen 3 lenses

    Would anyone with Gen 3 Ruby Polar lens, Jade Polar, Ruby Iridium, or +Red & Blue lens be interested in trading for the following items below... Crystal Clear / Violet Clear They’re in good condition overall, but have an odd characteristic that no other Gen 2 I’ve own had - their original...
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    Need help identifying

    Hello everyone. New member. I need help identifying a model of Oakley sunglasses from the early 90's. I have no other info on them other than the picture. Thanks for looking!