acid blue tortoise

  1. ericforman

    Acid Blue Tortoise

    Picked up a pair of acid blue tortoise frogs and I'm guessing an all black pair of dispatch 2's (said jupiters, but the description and picture led me to believe they were really dispatch 2's) for $127 shipped from Zumiez' website. They should get here in a couple of days.
  2. Lexkempo

    I got bit... or licked ... or somethin' :S

    For all you TL: DR peeps, skip to underlined text in bottom For the first time ever today, i decided to try on a pair of Froggies ... AND the wife was around :( She had just bought a pair of polished white/g30BI Commit SQ and i was feeling mad jealous. When i tried them on, we both said the...
  3. faxmanjazz

    Just A Little Tease

    Recently got treated to these today :) I'm actually really digging these. Looking forward to more sunlight to make these shine.