acid blue

  1. Andrew Lee

    Does A "P" Sticker Mean these Oakley's are Fake?

    I recently bought a pair of Acid Blue Frogskins with Red Iridium polarized. When I was unboxing, everything looked great except for one thing. There was a tiny "P" sticker on the lens. I started freaking out wondering if they were fakes since I heard that no Oakleys have stickers on the lenses...
  2. RonkPM

    Got Some Frogs As Part Of A Package Deal - Anything Special In Here?

    Just brought home a package deal where I got a doublewide, some Juliet's, a pair of OTTs and a bunch of other stuff. There were 5 Frogs included in the package. I have a couple of questions. Is there anything here that is out of the ordinary or unique? I've never given much thought to Frogs...
  3. S

    Acid Blue/ Brown Koston's Leg swap.... PIC

    just did this for some fun, wearing these out today for sure
  4. J

    Acid Blue Frogskins Opinions?

    I've never had a pair of Oakley's before, but that's about to change. I just want to know what you think of this colorway. Do you think they are too feminine, or are they fine, thoughts?:confused: I usually don't care what people think, but I want your opinions.