acid tortoise

  1. U

    For Sale  Acid Tortoise Blue BIP

    Acid Tortoise Blue Frogskins - Frames are in very clean condition with minor marks Black Iridium Polarized lenses - Each lens has a small scuff, did not pose a issue in the few times they were worn Original Microfiber bag included $75 > $65 > $OLD Shipped CONUS via PayPal F/F
  2. M

    Acid Tortoise Frogskins

    So I saw this picture on Facebook and I was wondering if you guys have seen it. It shows the different color ways for the acid torts. I actually like the way they look. Enjoy if you haven't seen it
  3. slvrdragn69

    Blacklight Frogskins And Acid Tortoise Frogskins?

    Does anyone have any more info other than maybe just color combinations of these? I have all the color combo descriptions but was hoping for maybe possible pictures or a release date or anything of the sort... Even if someone maybe knows if there is a design intertwined in these and that's how...