aftermarket lenses

  1. O

    Options for Half Jacket 2.0 XL/Flak XLJ lenses (UK)

    Hi Hoping people could help. It’s my first time actually posting but the forum has been unbelievably useful for me already, I’ve never seen a product with such a great user base! TL;DR Looking to save some money on lenses for my half jacket 2.0 frame. Flak XLJ lenses have worked best so far...
  2. S

    Oakley Romeo 1 - Help

    I appreciate any and all advice. I have a pair of Oakley Romeo 1's. One lens is in bad shape. The lens with “X-Metal” is pretty good. Question, should I replace the lenses with aftermarket lenses or sell them and get a new pair of Barman’s? I haven’t worn them in a few years. Last question, is...
  3. U

    Sold  X-Squared Deep Ruby lenses

    Got these from a friend so not sure if they are aftermarket or Custom Cut due to the base tint being green instead of blue but they have the same thickness and base curve. Mint condition 9.5/10 Asking a low price and listed as "Aftermarket" to be 100% sure SOLD Shipped CONUS
  4. MerrimanLyon

    Prescription Lenses - OO

    Way back in 2000 I bought a pair of OO wire's with Blue Iridium standard lenses. I had Oakley Rx lenses put in them, and every time my prescription changed I got new Oakley Rx lenses put in them. The last time I went to do the same, I discovered to my horror that I couldn't get OEM lenses...
  5. OakleyBoss

    Linegear Oakley Juliet NXT Lens Review

    This review is for Linegear’s Black Juliet Aftermarket Lenses. Full disclosure, Linegear wanted me to try out these lenses, and were brave enough to send a pair all the way from Japan. Link: JULIET NXT BLACK First up, I was impressed by the packaging, the lenses were boxed and wrapped as...
  6. S

    E wire 2.1 lenses

    Hi everyone. I'm interested in new lenses for my E Wire 2.1's and don't see them on the Oakley site. So my question is what are the best polarized aftermarket lenses available? Thanks for any info you can give me. Jon
  7. W

    Walleva lenses for Oakley Fives Squared, M Frame Strike, M Frame Heater and M Frame Hybrid

    Hi guys, just wanna share with you a video of our lenses for the Oakley Fives Squared, M Frame Strike, M Frame Heater and M Frame Hybrid. :cool-33: And below are some pics of the lenses for the Five Squared and the M Frame WL005-BR for Oakley Fives Squared Sunglasses (Walleva Polarized Brown...