1. The_Darkone

    Sold Various Oakley Aluminum Display Pieces

    Selling these four display pieces as a bundle. Asking $75 for the bundle. Includes PayPal G&S and CONUS shipping. No trades or international shipping.
  2. The_Darkone

    Sold ***Price Drop***Aluminum Lense Display Stand

    Selling a display stand with Oakley display lenses. Each lense is labeled with the colorway. Two of the lenses have a few little scratches on them, see Fire and Gold Iridium. I believe this is a display stand for the Flak 1.0 Jacket series. Don't blow me up if I'm wrong though Asking...
  3. JLoh

    Buying Double or Triple Y Stands

    Hi guys, Looking for a few of the double or triple aluminum Y Stands shown below. PM if you have any. Thanks!