1. M

    Oakley Kitchen Sink on has the Kitchen Sink in Black for $130.95 and Stealth for $131.23. Use promo code 20CYBERWK to take an additional 20 percent off. Promo code only valid if sold by Amazon and not third party resellers. Total comes to $104.76 and $104.98 respectively. Almost 50 percent off MSRP...
  2. Sir Rossi

    F******* Finally

    Got my heritage eyeshades in the mail today. I ended up going with the seafoam frames (as opposed to blue). The box was a tad crushed, so I don't know if I should have them exchanged or not, but nothing was internally harmed. ;) Amazon also decided to raise the price by $10 right before I...
  3. S

    Oakley Gascan Amazon B-Stock Polarized or Not?!

    hey, got an gascan from amazon B-Stock very cheap! actually theres no Polarized Sticker on it, nor on the packaging. Can you tell me if its polarized? thx!
  4. R

    Since My Other Frogskins Were Fake....

    I returned them and in the process of getting my money back. I just ordered new ones from Amazon. I had them do Saturday delivery so I will have them by the time I leave for my cruise on Sunday!