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    Sold Antifreeze Radar/G26 $SOLD SHIPPED CONUS

    Hello all. For sale is a pair of Antifreeze Radar’s. Lens is G26 Pitch (calling the lens beater, but still usable — View Photos) Frame SKU is 24-147 New rubbers recently installed. Underneath each icon, there is tiny pin marks. Very hard to catch on photo. I have included two separate...
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    Sold Radar Antifreeze XL Nose Bridge

    Antifreeze XL Radar Nosepiece w/ Rootbeer Nose Pad The nose piece will only work with Radar XL Blade lenses, an is not compatible with the Radarlock XL. Nosepiece was never worn, as it was removed from a NOS frame someone parted out. While in storage the black nose pad gotten a bit dry rotted...
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    Sold Garage Rock Antifreeze

    Garage Rock OO9175-38 (MPH) Frame - very good condition aside from some marks on the temple tips, some scuffs on the icon’s edges otherwise just hairline wear marks. Grey Lens - fair condition with some decent sized scratch marks as shown in the images, replacements would be likely be needed...
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    Sold Lot Radar. Antifreeze, Crystal Black, Matte Black.

    Lot Radar. Antifreeze, Crystal Black, Matte Black. The lot includes 3 lenses, 4 cases, 6 sets of rubber bands. Lot price $ 310 Free shipping to usa. Pay by Paypal
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    Sold Lot Radar. Antifreeze,Crystal Black, Matte Black

    Radar de lote. Anticongelante, Cristal Negro, Negro Mate.
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    Sold Radar Antifreeze

    Radar Antifreeze Glasses in good condition, lenses with some cleaning scratches that do not affect vision 9/10 Price $ 185 Pay by Paypal Free shipping to the USA
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    For Sale Radar Path Anti-Freeze w/ Jade Iridium

    We have a Radar Path Anti- Freeze with Jade Iridium- comes with original box and paper work, soft bag and additional nose piece. Asking $350 includes shipping- US Only
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    For Sale Various Frogs

    Hey, After, I guess, a few years out of the game, I’ve decided to sell some of my frogs. These are all shelve pieces. Most have never been worn and all are 10/10. They all come with box, bag and papers if not noted otherwise on the individual piece. All prices excluding shipping. EU shipping...
  9. U

    Buying Antifreeze radar

    Looking for antifreeze radar or radar xl. Frame only works.
  10. B

    Antifreeze Froggies

    seen them on the bay. Surprised they were on there for as long as they were. Had the box with them too.
  11. U

    Buying Box for Antifreeze Frogs

    Just like the title says. Help! Thanks y'all!
  12. U

    Buying [ASAP] Radar XL Jade Iridium Lens

    Today was a horrible day because I accidentally ruined my Radar XL Jade iridium lens by sitting on them (F me). Please tell me someone out there has a pair of jade iridium lenses for the Radar XL (not Radarlock). I will pay top dollar.
  13. bigd003

    Antifreeze Frogskins

    I got my first pair of froggies! I had been checking them out for a bit, and the simplicity grew on me. I usually got for xmetal glasses like the juliets, but I thought these things were pretty cool. Then I saw the antifreeze edition and was hooked. Talk about bright, and such a contrast...
  14. Hando

    Favorite To Wear?!

    Just got my antifreeze and Smog Text in.. and have decided these will be my newest go to's. What's everybody else's favorite to wear? I've decided I really only want to collect pairs that I can wear that really turn heads.
  15. jrd5497

    Anti-freeze Frogskins?

    I'm debating purchasing an Anti-freeze Frogskin. Have they made fakes of this model? If so is there anything specific that I need to look for? The SKU should be stamped on the left arm, correct?
  16. chrisbron

    Final purchase of 2011! It's epic!

    Well guys, There are only 9 of these babies left out there in the world! Have a wonderful xmas and NY!
  17. qtrain23

    Antifreeze Frogs

    Just got a pair of Antifreeze Frogskins from Craigslist. Got them for $75 shipped, which was a pretty good price. Pictures below: