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    For Sale  3 Oakley M Frame hybrid lenses (smoke, clear, G30 vented iridium rose), 3 nose pieces and Oakley Array case

    More pics here: PICS! I'm selling the Oakley stuff I don't want to use or hold onto anymore. They are in good condition; I tried to get pictures of all angles as best I could. I am saying this only to cover me in case my eyes have failed me as I've gotten older, but the lenses all have very...
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    For Sale  Custom Radar Array - Polished Aluminum with 3 lenses

    Had this frame and a few lenses around; figured put them together and pass them along to someone who can use them. Glasses will come with a White Radar Array case. Please let me know if you have any questions. Frame is Polished Aluminum. It is used and you can see in the pictures, but only...
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    Sold  M Frame Array- Root Beer/Sweep/Heater

    For Sale: SKU: OO9059-01 M Frame: Frame: Root Beer Lens (2): Grey Sweep, Gold Iridium Heater, nosepiece with root beer on inside Includes: Array Vault, extra nose piece, mf bag, original box All pieces are Oakley and Brand new, except Gold Lens, which looks new, no scratches. Price is $SOLD...
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    Sold  Radarlock Array camo/H20 Prizm New $sold

    For sale: $SOLD US delivered. Outside US please PM. Radarlock array all Brand new except Slate lens, worn once and like new. Frame: Black and grey camo Lens: 1 - H20 Deepwater Prizm pitch 2 - Slate Iridium vented pitch Icon: Polished black Earsocks: black Array Case...
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    Sold  Custom Radarlock Array - BNICase/nice mix-drop$20

    For sale is a Radarlock Array that I put together. All is brand new, unused, and flawless. Also every bit is 100% Oakley. The array includes: Frame: Matte Black with white icons, polished black band and lens / icon matching earsocks. Earsocks: Three sets, Electric Blue for the Sapphire...
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    Sold  Sweet / New Radar Pitch Array - Homemade with pride!

    For Sale is my own version of a Radar Pitch Array. Everything is BNIB, although, I did wear the frames a few times but no flaws. I will not ship all the boxes unless requested. Frame: Radar True Carbon Fiber (SKU 09-725) with Silver Icons and Coordinated Cardinal Red Earsocks. Lens 1...
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    Looking to trade these lense's TR45, TR22, & CLEAR for Pitch polarized or Prizm lens BIP,00 BIP, Ice Polarized, Permisson, ect.... Let me know what you have to trade can do one for one or as set
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    For Sale  Radarlock Array - Pitch

    Looking to sell a brand new Radarlock array. The frame is Polished Black with Silver accents and the lenses are Black Iridium and VR28; both lenses are Pitch. The glasses will come with a ballistic array case. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Looking for $175 (add...