1. Boundary

    Old photography project

    Hello humans, Just wanted to share a picture of a project I did few years ago. Always wanted to continue the serie and to make some other characters with Oakley gears but I need new sunglasses, props that inspire !
  2. D

    Hello can somebody help me value these shorts please?

    Hello all, Sorry if this is in the wrong place I’m new can’t figure out how to move it! Looking for some help valuing a pair of board shorts that recently fell into my hands. They appear to be super rare and have an original print by an artist called Robert Williams, the print is of an art...
  3. Bob Head 06.jpg

    Bob Head 06.jpg

  4. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Oakley Pit Boss - art and design (third)

    Hi! This is my third design and I finished drawing it in 8 days plus 2 days the design. I drew it with a 0.3 and 0.5 Pentel lead pencil. measurements are 29.7 x 31.4 centimeters. I also put the image that served me as a reference, if someone knows the name of the model please can tell. have a...
  5. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Oakley Medusa Helmet. drawing and design (second)

    Hello. this is my second drawing of Oakley Bob Head Medusa Helmet. it took me about 8 days to finish it. You can see the first design in my forum account. The materials I used were Pentel 0.3 and 0.5 lead pencil. the measurements are 31.5 centimeters x 26.7 thanks for looking. have a nice day :)👍
  6. Shadow_Bob_Head_5.jpg


    Shadow Bob Head - custom airbrushing
  7. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Custom Oakley Bob Heads

    custom Bob Head Spike
  8. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Oakley Shadow Bob Head logo

    Details: Materials: resin and fiberglass weight (peso): 442 g. Length (longitud): 47 cm. Width (ancho): 19.8 cm. Height (altura): 14.5 cm
  9. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Oakley Juliet X-Metal Logo - Rare Bob Head

    Oakley Juliet X-Metal Logo - Rare Bob Head
  10. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Head Display

    Oakley logo
  11. Rare_Oakley_Head_Display_9.jpg


    Bob Head Display
  12. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Custom Display Spike Bob Head

    Custom Display
  13. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Custom Head Display

    Custom Head Display
  14. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Oakley head custom

    Oakley head custom
  15. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Custom spike Bob heads

    Bob heads - airbrushing