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    Buying Frogskin LX Polished Black/Titanium Clear

    If anyone has a pair of these they are looking to let go, let me know. I'm not looking to spend a fortune, but looking to replace a pair in the collection so my wife can use them as prescription frames.
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    Jawbreaker Asian fit question

    I have read where a lot of the sport sunglasses that are "Asian" fit just have larger nosepieces and are essentially the same shape. I may be wrong but the grey colored nose pieces with my Radarlocks were supposedly the Asian fit adaptation and they fit me fine. If my information is wrong please...
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    Buying Asian Fit in Hong Kong. Tips and advice please

    I'm from Australia and I cant find Asian Asian Fit Oakleys here. So, I'm off to Hong Kong for a pair. Where can I find genuine Oakleys for a reasonable price?
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    Holbrook vs Twoface

    Holbrook vs Twoface These are both very similar. I am after the Asian Fit version. Which is newer and which would you recommend and why? Do any of these house the Prizm Daily or Road lens?
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    Oakley - Asian Fit

    1. I've heard that the Asian fit Oakley sunglasses are just the standard ones with a larger nose piece. The frame is the same otherwise. Is that correct? 2. Does anyone know where I can get the Asian fit sunglasses in Australia?