badman plasma

  1. U

    Sold Multiple Pairs Badman

    Selling 3 pairs of Badman. All are new in the box w/ microbag and tube case. Below prices include PayPal G&S, CONUS shipping, and shipping insurance. No trades or international shipping. Badman Plasma w/ Sapphire Iridium Polarized lense Sold Badman X TI w/ Chrome Iridium Polarized lense Sold...
  2. Linegear Japan

    Badman with NPI Sample serial

    Hi OF, Hope to get some insight. This Badman Plasma w/ Sapphire Ird Pol has an NPI Sample serial. Does this make it more desirable? I know generally their selling price is a quarter of buying :D...but thought to ask. How much value is this pair? Here are the pictures. Thanks for any input.