1. U

    Sold X metal Base For watches.

    X metal base for watches new. 2 pieces are missing which are marked with a circle in 1 of the photos. D TOP TRAY (part no. 89-379) E SIDE WINGS (part. no. 89-381) A- BASE UNIT ( part. no. 89-381) CLIP KIT (part. no. 89-382) 50 units. Price 400$ paypal OBO Shipping by DHl free. Paypal...
  2. Soul providers

    does iridium coating affects the base color

    My fire iridium and prizm golf started peeling at the centre of the lens.. I want to know whether the iridium coating affects the base tint or not... because if somehow all of iridium has gone but base color remains the same.then i can use it. because i really love the lens shape.. Also one of...
  3. kronin323

    Can the iridium coating affect the base tint appearance?

    As us Oakley lovers know, Oakley offers a wide range of lenses with different base tints, light trans %s, and iridium colors for any situation. I wouldn't describe it as a "hot topic", but every now and then the same debate sparks up - can the iridium coating affect the base tint appearance...