1. U

    Sold X metal Base For watches.

    X metal base for watches new. 2 pieces are missing which are marked with a circle in 1 of the photos. D TOP TRAY (part no. 89-379) E SIDE WINGS (part. no. 89-381) A- BASE UNIT ( part. no. 89-381) CLIP KIT (part. no. 89-382) 50 units. Price 400$ paypal OBO Shipping by DHl free. Paypal...
  2. S

    does iridium coating affects the base color

    My fire iridium and prizm golf started peeling at the centre of the lens.. I want to know whether the iridium coating affects the base tint or not... because if somehow all of iridium has gone but base color remains the same.then i can use it. because i really love the lens shape.. Also one of...
  3. kronin323

    Can the iridium coating affect the base tint appearance?

    As us Oakley lovers know, Oakley offers a wide range of lenses with different base tints, light trans %s, and iridium colors for any situation. I wouldn't describe it as a "hot topic", but every now and then the same debate sparks up - can the iridium coating affect the base tint appearance...