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    best prism lens for baseball

    Since Prism Field is only available in Radar frames and my outfielder wants either Kato or Sutro frames, which Prism lens gives best visibility and protection or best replicates the prism Field?
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    Sold Oakley Demarini D243 Burgundy Pro Maple Baseball Bat

    Great looking bat, perfect for display especially for the baseball enthusiasts. Looks new to me but not sure how old it is, I got it as a gift. Would love to keep it but can't. Asking $550 but willing to negotiate some. Not interested in trading at this time, sorry. Shipping is $35 from Orange...
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    Found Oakley Skull Baseball Pin

    hi o-family, i'm looking for the Skull Baseball Pin!! please shot me a pm if you have some for me ;) thanx . . .
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    Best Oakley Sunglasses for Baseball?

    Hey guys I currently play outfield for my baseball team. I am having a little bit of trouble judging depth on flyballs on "high sunlight" days when there are no clouds in the sky, just a blue background and some glare. What Oakley Sunglasses or specific color lenses would be best for aiding in...